RIB WORM no more?

UPDATED–Not intentionally, but the “bug” that got into my site and shut me down also gobbled up my lead paragraph. The gist of it, I’ve been waiting for a couple of months for a reorder on 4-inch Yum Rib Worms. Instead, today, I got word that one of my favorite worms has been discontinued.

For almost three years, this fatter-than-the-other-guys’ ringed bait has more than made my day on many a trip. I’ve had partners just shrug their shoulders or grit their teeth, once they realized there wasn’t going to be a better way to catch ’em than the Yumster and an 1/8-ounce Owner darthead.

Unfortunately, the bass market sometimes goes with lean and sexy instead of chubby and reliable. So says Lawrence Taylor, PR director for Pradco Outdoor Brands. In his words, “A company spokesman said slow sales is the reason for discontinuation of any product.”

As a consolation, he noted, “Special orders can be arranged though.”

Right now, though, I’m shaken. I’ve got some watermelon and smoke/red/black, but I’m leery of substitutes.  Sure, there are other ring worms around, but none with the same feel, the built-in LPT scent attractor, or the confidence I have built up with the big three: green pumpkin, watermelon/red flake and the watermelon pepper.

But maybe, just maybe history will repeat itself. After all, Yum is part of the same company that once discontinued the Pop R! What a comeback that bait made.

Well, okay. I’ll try and get through this the best I can. But tell me, Owner didn’t say they were going to stop making their dart head, did they?


5 Responses to “Discontinued? Say it ain’t so, Yum Buddies”

George calm down! The only bites you get will be on what you are throwing. You may have to feed ‘um green weenies! Or Mann’s Blackberry Jelly worms for dessert. And don’t worry about getting up too early, the fish can’t bite until you get there.

We have lost a lot of good baits to the forces of supply and demand or cost structure. A few that I miss include the Rapala Fat Rap, the Wham Craws and Fisheez, and the Team Daiwa Popper. But there are more “better mouse traps” coming along all the time then any normal human being (or bass angler) has time to throw. Somehow fish are still being caught. How is the new angle on the Road Runner swivel working out for you?

by George Kramer

You’re right, Rich. But I never liked other fishermen forcing changes in my game. (Like not buying what works.) 🙂 As for the RR, I can’t tell completely because I don’t know which lots are new. But it appears that in some cases, they have attempted to move the swivel closer to its original position.

I’ve always liked the Phenix Saturn Worm with a little MegaStrike

mmmmmmm MEGA Strike! I rub that on a 6 inch Yum Ribworm, then drip a little Crawfish Kick’n Bass (or in baitfish situations, their Walleye blend aka “Reel Man’s Cologne”) will make the most stubborn fish bite. When they just won’t bite the Jig-n-Pig (which is rare!), and the water is too murky/fast for a Senko, with the ribs and wider hook tail, using a Gamakatsu EWG hook, this is my GO TO worm. If you are paying attention, you will very rarely miss the bite, and the hook up ratio is very high.

OWNER won’t abandon you like those other guys George. Besides, they never made Morning Dawn in that bait…..need any ROBO’s????