UPDATED: We have a winner. Thanks for playing this weekend.

As we’re about to do a banner change on the KGF home page, I thought I’d come up with one last contest featuring some nice Sebile baits for the winner. In this case, I’ve got a couple of smaller Magic Swimmers, plus a Bonga Minnow topwater and a Koolie Minnow rip bait. You know what that stuff costs, so it’s a nice take-home for one question (plus a tie-breaker, if necessary).

As they often do, foreign manufacturers (speaking specifically of the design) often come up with their own versions of popular U.S. lures. In the case of the classic “lipless vibrator” lure, there are lots, however, the original design (and even the first notable modifications) were all plastic, not metal, U.S. products. That’s what I want, no Sonars or Silver Buddies or Gay Blades.

For fun (and profit) can anyone give me the names of  five baits or models of those lures, from U.S. companies ONLY. I can think of at least four brands that had or have these lure types, but there is wiggle room (pardon the pun) because there were differing model names among those. You can draw from those model names if you like.

Just give me five only. If I get more than one response with the correct answers, we’ll go with the following tie-breaker.

As a spin-off from the lipless crank came a series of tight vibrating, lipped baits as well. Luhr Jensen has a popular one, but more than 25 years ago, so did Bomber. To break the tie, name those two “fast” lures.


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by Justin VonSpreckelsen

Vibrating Baits:

1) Bill Lewis Rat L Trap
2) Cotton Cordell Spot
3) Zebco 33 Super Shad Rap
4) Xcalibur Xr Series
5) SK Diamond Shad
6) SK Red Eye Shad
7) Bomber Super Pogy
8) Nichols Shattered Glass Rattle Shad
9) Rattlin’ Rapala

Tie Breaker: Luhr Jensen, Speed Trap & Bomber, Speed Shad

What about the Storm, Thin Fin?

Hi George,
Here’s my stab at it..

1. Mann’s Manniac
2. Rat L Trap
3. C.C. Rattling spot
4. Norman N Ticer
5. Bayou Boogie (Heddon?)

Didnt read the bottom sorry..
Speed Trap
Speed shad

Tie breaker!

by George Kramer

Just a few hours left. Late entries should probably take the time to read all the rules. It sure makes my job easier. 🙂

1-Strike King Red Eye Shad
2-Bill Lewis Rattle Trap
3-Cotton Cordell Spot
4-Rapala Rattle Rap
5-BPS Rattle Shad, McShad and XPS Knocker Shad
Tie Breaker – Storm Wiggle Wart and Lure Jensen Speed Trap

by Derrek Stewart

Cotton Cordell Super Spot

Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap

Norman N Ticer

Manns Manniac

Strike King Red Eye Shad

Attention to details and reading the clues!

Tie breaker
Storm Wiggle Wart and Lure Jenson Speed Trap

Trivia (as told by Jimmy Houston); the first “rattles” in these lure types was an accident. A box of Cotton Cordell Spots was sent to a tournament organization. When they received the shipment and opened up the lure packaging they immediately called the Cotton Cordell company. The tournament spokesmen said, “You sent us the wrong ones, we want the ones with the rattles”. The Cordell company explained that Spot’s don’t have a rattle.

Unyielding the tournament person said yes they do. The previous sample you sent rattles and the bass love it. After further examination one of the older samples was opened up. Inside was a unintentional loose piece of excess plastic material resulting from the manufacturing process.

From that point on Cotton Cordell started adding rattles to the lure.

by Derrek Stewart

As I speak of attention to detail, duh. Revision/correction to the tie breaker Luhr Jenson Speed Trap and the Bomber Speed Shad.

So George- What are the results?