TONY LAIN on 'em early

Part-time tournament pro Tony Lain may not get all the hours he wants to fish, but this proven performer (most recently a qualifier for the CBC State Championship) regularly delivers in the clutch. And one of his secrets to success is to mine every moment–especially the morning hours.

For the Sun City resident, that means hitting the best water at first light. “In the tournament situation, you want to fish your big fish water–points, humps or flats next to deep water–at that time. That’s prime time for a big bite.”

Depending on the seasonal conditions, what he uses will vary, of course. “If there’s a reaction bite, I’m throwing a Revenge spinnerbait deep runner. If it’s a crank bite, I’ll use a square-bill deep diver. And if there’s topwater, I go with a Jackall Bowstick. That’s a bad dude in the morning for big bites.”

As with most successful competitive anglers, there is always a clock ticking. Having already planned for the approach, he’ll have the key rods and baits on deck. There’s no digging in the locker during those precious low-light moments.

But one thing everyone wants to know is when to do you break from a spot, so I asked him, how long does he push an approach. He paused, then said, “For me, under tournament conditions, I’ll work a spot 15 to 20 minutes and then get off to the next one.”

But that’s not the whole story. “They say never leave biting fish, but if they’re not the right size, you’ve got to leave them,” he advised.

After that, experience takes over. Having left a spot, he said, “We normally have a milk run in our minds–several humps offshore (sounding a lot like Diamond Valley, though he never mentioned it by name.) Or in a crunch you go and fish a point.”

But in thinking big early, he never waivers. “In low light, you need to throw your bigger baits. Even with worms, you don’t want your 4-inch Robo, you want that 12-inch Power Worm.”


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by Pwy_FireCapt

Another great blog…being a novice, this stuff is invaluable!

I agree! Nice article.