One of the great attributes of the exceptional fishermen is how quickly they assess what’s going on. Kind of like the old show “Name that Tune,” the sharpest guys only need a few notes (or make that bites) in order to get in tune with the fish.

It’s not as easy as you think. You can “bid” what you want, but even the most confident fisherman is probably just guessing with too few clues. On the other hand, if he takes too long to recognize the pattern, the time can slip by unproductively.

Here’s my take, remembering that the pace of the method (more…)

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IT'S SURE RED (click to enlarge)

Hard to take pictures of a rig when you’re standing in it, so after the initial voyage, I decided someone was going to have to get wet in order to take the photos. I should have tried a little earlier in the morning and I would have got better light, but you get the idea.

We stayed close, as you can tell, but the oxygen levels dropped again where we were (click here) and we only found a brief bit of action before 8:30 here at Lake Elsinore. (more…)

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While not everyone fishes tournaments, most of us are not out there just to see the sunrise or watch the clouds blow by. As bass fishermen, we want results, whether we’re fishing for a few hours or campaigning for a week.

But to what extremes are we willing to go? I’d like to think that you can raise your game by working on just three things. Yes, it may mean some sacrifices in the short term, (more…)

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READING THE WATER might even include watching how the trollers fare...

Hey, the tournament rules don’t allow it, so pretty much since the Bassmasters made their California debut around 1970, I’ve been like everybody else–I don’t troll–much, anyway.

It’s never been that I didn’t respect the skill involved. I know a lot of guys, though, who think trolling is for people who don’t fish, and that anything they catch is arbitrary–even lucky. But remember, Buck Perry, the “Father of Structure Fishing,” was also a troller.

Still, as a practical application, whether it’s by dumb luck or polished skill, (more…)

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NICE ONE, George

What a weekend. Right in the middle of a creating a post on an off-beat method for locating bass, I found myself frozen in space, locked out, and befuddled by gremlins or who knows what.

I can’t tell you how strange it was not being able to get on my own site and comment on the latest stuff. It was so weird, I found myself out on the ocean today trying to pull myself together. I even tried some new sunscreen but it just didn’t work like the old stuff. Hopefully, I’ll get a full night’s sleep and start feeling like myself again.

But maybe being off-line for a couple of days has worked in my favor. It was so bizarre, but all day long, people kept coming up asking for my autograph. They never did that before in the last 40 years….

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(CLEAR LAKE this week--Kent Brown photo)

Following four regional circuits and four regional semi-finals, 39 California anglers are in line to compete at Clear Lake for the California Bass Championship with a top prize of $15,000 and this trophy, shown exclusively here.

After 16 qualifying events, everyone who made the grade will take home at least $1000, not bad for an initial $118 entry fee, plus travel expenses.

Now it all gets down to making the most (more…)

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FLW's GARY BRADFORD unsure of future without Charlie Evans

As you would expect from any event that includes the stepping down of a corporate CEO, there is much more to the story than you’ll find in the press release. That sure sounds like the case with FLW announcing that long-time fixture Charlie Evans is stepping down as CEO after more than 25 years with the company. (click here)

I don’t think this happened overnight. Some fishermen returning from the Forrest Wood Cup hinted there may have been some friction in the hierarchy of what has been a powerful challenger to the world of B.A.S.S., though that could have been 20/20 hindsight.

On the other hand, with new money there may be new expectations, including a makeover of certain ways that bass fishing is being marketed. (more…)

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Obviously, the strong finish in the Forrest Wood Cup is yet another reason we’re all fist pumping over the level of Western anglers. (Congrats to Kevin Hawk of Ramona!) But most observers also recognize that an individual’s angling strengths sometimes match-up better with certain waters.

So, just for fun, I thought I’d put it out to viewers to put together their own “Dream Team” of fishermen (more…)

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UPDATED, Aug. 6–It has been rightly noted that not everyone might be aware of the source information for my reaction to the sale (impending) of B.A.S.S. For national news, I always go to when I can, but I overlooked that reference for the following. You can see all of Jon Storm and crew’s good work here.

ORIGINAL POST: There was a time when Alabama’s Ray Scott was a bit of a folk hero. The insurance salesman turned membership salesman built an industry from $15 subscriptions as well as $100 and then whopping $300 entry fees.

When the organization went corporate there was more visibility for the pros, but beyond the local work of federated clubs (a bit of Scott genius at work) most B.A.S.S. members would have to say their greatest connection to the organization was Bassmaster Magazine. It spoke to them and with them, but unlike television, it was a direct funnel to bass anglers.

But look what happened. Cable TV, and especially ESPN, (more…)

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NO BETTER color...

One thing’s for sure, the interest in Lake Elsinore suffered a steep reduction following CBC several weeks back. The net gain, if you can call it that, is you can fish anywhere you want and not see another soul.

With the new school year looming, math teacher Robert Schneider was desperate to get in another trip, so we hit the pond across the street this morning, launching at Elsinore West Marina. After doing time on Lake Mead last month, the mid 90’s weather was tolerable–at least for half a day–and we found the patterns haven’t changed much this summer.

It’s still big wood and rock, with a half-ounce spinnerbait and grape drop-shot worm getting them. (more…)

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