While other lakes are going off like DVL and Perris, we thought we’d make the four-hour check-in across the street. Our conclusion? There is no silver bullet for Lake Elsinore.

Yes, the water temperature is finally dropping (74-76 depending on where you were) and the effect of 2 1/2 feet of evaporation is evident in the lead photo showing the “Meat Fence” in the background.

But compressed or not, we still only got a couple of bites, and the only one who got to hold a fish was my son Mike. We left the West Marina and started up the west shore and hit a number of the fences including one of the enhanced ones, but were disappointed.

I got jarred on the spinnerbait over by the Statue of Liberty, but did not execute, and we found bait all around the jetty and in huge clouds all the way to the surface along the middle of the dike at the south end. But all the “fish marks” were suspended and we didn’t get but a couple of pecks on the drop-shot.

So, here are the facts. The fish–the few we have drummed up this summer–are in great shape. The bait is plentiful and oxygen levels are slowly rising–just not the bite levels.


One Response to “Elsinore check-in…we’re still waiting”

Bet I know what color Booya spinnerbait you were throwin George. Time on the water with your kids [catchin or not] is the best time there is. Enjoy.