Since the entry of swimbait fishing into the mainstream, the technical evolution has not only affected the individual lures, it has spilled over onto the tackle. Because of the very size and weight of the the varied lures, what was first a lot of incredibly heavy and uncastable chunks has matured into an array of sizes and weights that don’t require a pole vault pole to throw.

And thus the curse: one size no longer fits all.

Now we are seeing some specialized rods that handle smaller baits, but hold up under all the stresses. Such is the case with the new stick from Lamiglas that was specially designed by noted angler Bill Siemantel. The new Lamiglas XL 735C retails for around 150 bucks, but key is it is specifically built for the many styles of 6-inch swimbaits–notably the BBZ line, but any of similar weight.

As more anglers have entered into the swimbait world, as has been the case with virtually every other reaction bait, “big” has a following, but “smaller” is what sells to the wider audience. According to Bill, though, this rod will also do well “to use frog fishing or even pitching your favorite jig around cover.”

If you want to read more about the new stick and the thoughts of the designer, tune in to his site right here.


2 Responses to “Swimbait curse: the need for specialty rods”

Sounds like a nice rod. Did you happen to get one to try out yourself?

Pretty new. Just saw what Bill had to say on his site.