Monsoon season or not, getting pummeled by a late September rainstorm is not the norm, but today was one of those rare combinations of funky weather with crackling skies and rumbling thunder. Oh yeah, and there were lots of reaction strikes too.

Of course, the bite wasn’t all that species specific, as Dave Schreck and I found out.

For every largemouth (no smallies today) there was at least one striper boil, and some of the flurries were as intense as the thunder showers. With the dark skies most of the day, there was surface activity from the marina to either dam, and it was relatively easy to find birds somewhere –mostly egrets or herons on the bank–and fish there.

Dave got us a 5-plus largemouth on a Balsa Pro, but there didn’t appear to be the groups of the same-sized fish that some reports had indicated. You were just as likely to get a 1-pounder as a 3-pounder, but there was a mix of effective lures that also included the Gunfish, Magic Swimmers (4- to 8-inchers) and even white marabou Road Runners.

Still (and not every bass guy feels the same way) the striper fishing was about as entertaining as we could have hoped for, especially since we didn’t have to change anything we were doing.

If the bait balled up, or if you saw the “nervous water” moving around in open water, you were pretty sure to get slashed by something in the 2- to 7-pound class.

The day’s other saving grace was the air temperature. Once the skies finished dumping, there would be periods of mild breeze and the clothes dried out like Marty McFly’s jacket in the second Back to the Future.

Oh, and the stripers provided something else as well. I filleted several when I got out of the rain and back home.

But what the hey? If you’re going to get wet–really beat down soaked–you also might as well get take your host to dinner.


3 Responses to “Diamond Valley beatdown all about the rain”

Sounds like an awesome day. I was out fishing Canyon Lake yesterday and with the lightening surrounding me I thought I would certainly get struck. The rain turned on a WFO bite for me.

by George Kramer

We’ll just do anything to get bit… 😉

Sounds like a fun trip George. And really good photos as well. Looks like that RR photo just might make the cover of the 2011 Blakemore/Road Runner master catalog. TJ and Ron will be proud.