Old loyalties can only carry you so far, and then you have to look in your closet and say, “I’m not wearin’ that leisure suit another day.” Such is the case these days with WON Bass. Whatever they’ve got, it’s not on many faves’ lists.

Oh, you can spin it anyway you want: bad economy, unfamiliar faces, or just bad luck. But it doesn’t matter. The one-time “king of the draw tournaments” is hangin’ on the bargain rack (more…)

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If John Murray’s long and successful tournament career has taught him anything, it’s to be ready for the fall fishing conditions. That’s what he told a monster crowd at the Santee Anglers Marine on Tuesday for the FINS (Fishing Instructional Night School) seminar.

Due to “food sources and clarities,” he regards the next seasonal progression as “a time of extremes.” According to Murray, this time of change is triggered more by “the length of days (daylight) that just the temperature.” It is especially manifested in deep clear lakes where he says you’ll find bass “extremely shallow or extremely deep.” (more…)

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Every time we hear about some kind of cheating incident in fishing, the Internet world goes ballistic. The players are stunned, the organizations are embarrassed and cries for capital punishment go off the charts. But how about we look a little closer around us and recognize what it is we are looking for?

My Dad used to say, “A Con Man doesn’t look dangerous or dishonest. If he did, he couldn’t fool anyone.” In other words he is likable, possibly respectable–and that’s how he gains our confidence, (the root of con in con man.) He’s not some scary guy that requires a sketch artist.

The con is the great manipulator and his methods are diverse. (more…)

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UPDATED–One thing about cleaning out a storage area–you find stuff you weren’t even looking for. In this case, I was organizing tackle in the garage to make room for the new red boat.

But not everything in there was tackle. There were pictures from decades past in drawers and files covered with Elsinore dust. But one file caught my eye: printed in black letters it said merely, D-O-M-E-N-I-G-O-N-I.

I remember those days in the early 1990’s so well. The Metropolitan Water District’s front man (more…)

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As I get closer to that obituary touting my own 4-decade-spanning career in the media, I better appreciate the fact that others have not only taken a similar path, but have also been recognized for their efforts.

In this case, Lawrence Taylor, a writer/editor for nearly 20 years, as well as the current PR guy for PRADCO, was just recognized for his influential outdoor writing. Specifically, Taylor was named Arkansas Conservation Communicator of the Year for 2010 by the Arkansas Wildlife Federation (AWF) at the 73rd Annual Governor’s Conservation Achievement Awards Banquet, last Saturday.

According to the news release I got, (more…)

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Sometimes it’s a big deal and sometimes it’s something pretty small that makes fishing easier. When it comes to handling fluoro leader material for all the splices to braid, the Shark Tooth is one of those small pleasures. After just a couple of trips, I can say this: the thing works.

Of course, it doesn’t look like much (frankly, like something little girls use to hold their hair in place) and it was devised by fly fishermen, so we would never think to look in that direction, but it’s handy and complete. (more…)

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