Okay, I didn’t get the retail price on those twist on/off soft tungsten weights from Sebile, but I did hear they may be available as soon as November.

And while many of you serious guys saw the possibilities, you should know you are in good company. Sebile actually won ‘best of show’ awards in the Australian, European and U.S. fishing trade shows with the product. Some things just feel right.

I know many of you are pretty particular on what hooks you use, but at least let me offer up what the company had to say about its own hook/weight packs:

“The ultra-sharp, ultra-strong hooks at the heart of the Soft Weight System are made to the highest precision standards with durable, corrosion-resistant finish for fresh or saltwater. Sizes include 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0 and 6/0 with matching Soft Weight sizes….

Model Size Line Test Soft Weights
Soft Weight System 1/0 1/0 ≤ 20 lb ≤1/64 oz / 0.4g each
Soft Weight System 2/0 2/0 ≤ 25 lb ≤1/64 oz / 0.4g each
Soft Weight System 3/0 3/0 ≤ 30 lb ≤1/48 oz / 0.7g each
Soft Weight System 4/0 4/0 ≤ 40 lb ≤1/48 oz / 0.7g each
Soft Weight System 5/0 5/0 ≤ 50 lb ≤1/32 oz / 1g each
Soft Weight System 6/0 6/0 ≤ 60 lb ≤1/32 oz / 1g each”

According to Sebile, “The Soft Weights feature a Tungsten gum rubber style construction so that they can be easily added, repositioned on the hook shank or removed to make on-the-water adjustments to fishing conditions. The weights are reusable and made of environmentally friendly material.”

And I can tell you from my experience that with an easy “untwist” they will come back over the hook barb without a lot of trouble.

I think it’s safe to say, they can do a few things quite well. Not merely adding weight, but used in combination they can hit a pretty precise fall rate. Furthermore, where you put them on the hook shank will allow you to change the attitude of the sinking bait from nose down (bluegill ‘zoning’ a bass nest) to various horizontal descent means, or back-weighted, in that semi-backward, struggling baitfish look.

I’ll leave that up to you, but it’s nice to have a tool with these capabilities.


3 Responses to “A bit more info on those Sebile hook weights…”

by George Kramer

Just got this suggested retail price info from the COO. (Remember its 2 hooks and 18 weights):

Soft Weight System 1/0
Soft Weight System 2/0
Soft Weight System 3/0
Soft Weight System 4/0
Soft Weight System 5/0
Soft Weight System 6/0

Sounds like a plan! My question is how do they, as “gum rubber style” hold up to oils/scents over time? My scents destroy/mucky goo out gum rubber collars on jig/SB skirts so bad I’ve taken to hand tying them with my used Fireline/the MILES of discarded braid I pick up EVERYWHERE I fish. Gotta love Sebile’s innovation


These weights are fantastic and in lieu of using braid, try a very small zip tie from the hardware store. Hold up great to sun and scent equally.