It was another damp, gray day on Thursday–and the bait balls were thick and staggered along much of the south side of Diamond Valley.

To be honest, I thought there might be some pretty good striper action–since those fish typically come up with dark skies or rain. And I was lucky enough that Gregg Silks had a day off of guiding so we took to the water thinking “big bites.”

We hit a number of key areas, but other than a swirl on the foot-long Z-Plug, the fish didn’t show much interest in the big baits. And that seemed like a consensus from several anglers.

But when we looked more closely at those bait balls, many were made up of very small shad–some like quarters and some a bit bigger. But mixed those lazy masses (and maybe this was just a factor of the low light) were a few larger shad and they appeared to be more opaque, more white. It reminded me more of anchovies than shad.

That seemed to confirm what Gregg had told me about his “white” baits working better of late. For that reason I put on that little 3 1/2-inch Magic Swimmer on 8-pound and it worked pretty good, both on the stripes and schoolie largemouth up to 2 1/2 pounds.

A footnote on the black bass was there were some 6/7-pound type fish running below surface bait activity (that I didn’t figure out to catch), though they followed the smaller hooked fish right to the boat.

Unfortunately, we got into an area over there where I could get phone service, and sure enough it started to ring. But now the bite was too entertaining to put the rod down trying to keep that little Sebile about two feet below the surface.

You know how it goes: trying to balance the phone on your shoulder while reeling? It was about a three-hopper and I’m guessing it landed in about 30 feet of water.

Bottom line–I didn’t get your call.


4 Responses to “Hope you didn’t try to call me at Diamond…”

Thanks George. I wondered why my glass of tap water has the faint taste of lead acid. No more water quality awards for the MWD. 🙂

Hey George, What gave you the idea to use the 3 1/2″ Magic swimmer?? Hehe! glad you rips some lips!

by George Kramer

It’s true, it was Dave’s idea…when he pulled out a bait he had won in a KGF contest to catch ’em. I’m not giving any of those away anymore, that’s for sure. 🙂

Looks like it’s time to start fishing there again. It’s been over 2 months for me but with a prize cell phone to locate I’ll have to start making time, who knows who’s numbers are on that thing.
Guy Williams