Right on cue, the first stiff winds have hit the Southland and the water temperatures dropped overnight. This comes on the heels of some early trout plants, so there’s reason to be thinking change–but not just yet.

The one thing I’ve learned from the big bass specialists, even the biggest predators don’t immediately react to a tank truck on the launch ramp. With shad so plentiful and all around the surface or upper stratum of water, those baitfish still remain on top of the menu for now.

However, I’m still looking ahead.

The problem, for me, is most of my baits are 2 or 3 inches long. I haven’t fished big that much–at least until the last month or so. What I have are some good tools, but I’ll need more time to develop the same confidence in big stuff that I have in little.

That’s where Pat Keniry, also of Lake Elsinore, came in. You remember earlier this the year when he and his partner Rob Dickson had the huge tournament bag at Perris–42 pounds or so. Well, Pat is a bit of an artisan/luremaker, so I hired him to give some big baits I happened to have (including odd dorado and other saltwater colors) a new trout look.

And when he asked what I wanted, I told him, “Paint ’em the way you would if you were going to throw them.”

So he did. A couple are fast-sinking and one is a slow-sinking Sebile Magic Swimmer, and remarkably consistent in shade and detail. And because the Swimmer has already been producing for me–throwing one that Keniry enhanced as if he would be fishing it himself–has given me a little more confidence for the weeks and months ahead.

Even if I had to buy it.


2 Responses to “Okay, so I tried to buy a little confidence…”

Beautiful works of art. Pat can definitely paint and design some great baits. It’s nice having baits that others don’t have to give the fish a different look. Now go out and get some teeth marks on those baits.
Rob Dickson

Funny you should bring this up now George. I’ve spent my last couple of trips at DVL mostly throwing the big baits and I also just recently had Pat paint me some cranks for saltwater and a couple of 4 piece triple trout baits.