Call it a slow news day, but these pictures point up that Lake Elsinore (and San Antonio for that matter) don’t have a corner on the airborne fire-fighting equipment that has been available here in Southern California.

These photos were just taken by Lake Castaic lifeguard John Ragsdale, and were forwarded to me by longtime TD  Ron Cervenka.

Not much to say, except these big birds make an impressive sight. And they do us all a great service during the fire season. Several flights of fire-fighting aircraft, both fixed wing and helicopter are on duty and draw from the local lakes when the humidity gets so every fall.

There are a couple of more shots…

HEY, get away from my spots...


2 Responses to “Super Scoopers on duty at Lake Castaic”

George, They are very impressive when you’re on the lake fishing. Enjoyed your article,”SECOND CAST TACTICS” in BassWestUSA. G.

by George Kramer

I can imagine with the roar of engines. And thanks, Gene, for the kind words. I think we can only improve our time on the front deck with time in the back… 🙂