It wasn’t bad, but it certainly was different–the surface action at Diamond Valley. There were black bass and stripers scattered around the lake, but many of the fish preferred to be seen on sonar only.

Nonetheless, top pro Brent Ehrler of Redlands managed to work his way around the lake, enticing fish with a small (3 to 4-inch) weightless grub or swimbait. The most notable catch was a near 4-pound  smallmouth that came west of the eucalyptus trees.

With mostly a cloudless sky and light breezes from the West early and then the Northeast, the fish did not crash topwater or subsurface as they did when the skies were darker. Yet, if you were on the right bank or pocket and you kept an eye on the shorebirds, especially, you got bit.

One of the key areas–along the south shore, east of Rawson Cove–held the bait better and both largemouths and stripers boiled close to the bushes. That’s where we ran into guide Art Berry whose client Jim Snellenberger just caught another striper on a grub. It was a pretty happy group.

Biggest disappointment for me was breaking off a good four-plus bass on my last ‘white lady’ 3 1/2-inch Magic Swimmer. I caught them on other colors, but they never bit the others quite as well. I think I’ll be breaking out the pearl nail polish on the rest of my baits this week.

As for prospects, figure an incoming front will bring back the dark skies and fire the bite back up for the weekend tournament. I would expect some very good weights.


6 Responses to “DVL ‘boilers’ change with high pressure…”

Wow George,
You’ve been getting out to DVL quite a bit lately.

by George Kramer

Seems like it, but not tomorrow. Fishing Elsinore in the morning. đŸ™‚

They should be dumping some Mt. Lassens in her today. Trout and front rolling in should make for some good bags this weekend.

Don’t you hate it when you lose that “one” bait that actually works!

Interesting take on DVL currently. seems to be mixed emotions lately. Thanks for the particulars!

Good read..