It looks like maybe the bass were saving some of the bites I couldn’t get this summer. At least, that’s the way it felt today out on Lake Elsinore. Unfortunately,  I converted on some, but missed a chance at a very respectable sack.

Starting about 9:30 (hey, I had to move furniture out of the way to get the rig out of the garage), I fished until about 2:00 with the fish in the picture, plus an 18-plus inch wiper.

They came along the west shore on the half-ounce Booyah on 17- and 20-pound line as I looked to cut down on the break-offs. In clouds of visible 1 1/2-inch shad, the bigger blades apparently gave them something different to look at.

Seeing fish this size sure gave me something different to look at!


Since I launched at the West Marina, I came in so that William Johnson could get some photos for the marina website. After he arrived and got his shots, he joined me for the last two hours. Going right back to the same fences and brush patches, it didn’t take 15 minutes before he landed one and suffered a little bad luck on a much bigger chunk.


As we worked back toward the Elsinore Princess, we even got into a flurry where we hooked four fish in three minutes. One I pulled to within three feet of the boat for a good look, but I let my hand slip off the handle and I watched it wallow away– probably a conservative 5 1/2 pounds

My partner didn’t get a look at his, but considering the size of the boils, he had a couple of dandies on as well. I finally landed another 2 1/2-pounder–hardly a consolation prize.

Still, the action was surprisingly good, despite the errors. If I was going back tomorrow, I wouldn’t start before 10. The water temperature was 65 when I got out, but made it to 70 degrees on the surface.

Yep, I would call it “promising.”


4 Responses to “How about that? Some bites at Elsinore…”

Ya, ya, ya.
I bet you brought those fish back with you from DVL; and if you didn’t, you should have. LOL

Almost makes me want to head on over there. Naw, I’ll stick to DVL for now. I can’t wait till Turkey break and Christmas break.

Oh ya, nice job George.

by George Kramer

That’s okay, Robert. I’d like a few more trips without a lot of company… 🙂

Hey, save me some! Nice work George.

Great report George. I used to live right there and hardly see a report of good fishing there anymore, so thanks!!