By the calls I’ve been getting, a lot of people are looking forward to seeing some magic from Jerry McKinnis and his two mystic backers as they take over the reins of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society. Yet, do you understand what  the new owners are up against?

They have barely two and a half months to put things in order (that aren’t contracted to stay exactly the same next year) and I’m not sure they have all that much to offer the general membership– (more…)

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Everybody likes options–even little ones.

That’s why I think the little something Patrick Sebile has come up will fit in with the bass fishermen who rely on small things to make a difference. In this case, Sebile’s Soft Weight System, which lets you add or subtract weight to your hook with such applications as flukes, soft swimbaits or the myriad of Senko look-alikes.

For the purposes of getting the bait to “keel” right, especially on a steady retrieve, weighted hooks are pretty common, (more…)

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Touting dozens of compatibility dimensions to make their matches work, maybe team tournament fishing in California should resort to methods employed by the highly advertised match-making service, eHarmony. Delving into the mysteries of human behavior, they claim a success rate that would turn any tournament director green with envy. (more…)

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You don’t need an activity chart to tell you there are more favorable times to catch bass. Sometimes they just bite better.

Yet it never hurts our confidence if we do anticipate such things by weather reports or activity charts. We tend to gear up mentally for those, as well as those natural, early and late in the day flurries we encounter throughout much of the year.

And yet, am I the only one out there who ever fished under auspices of some prescribed activity indicator–and didn’t catch much? I know it’s made me ask, “How does that happen?”

Unfortunately, it’s probably my fault. (more…)

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While half a dozen advocates rile on the message boards over suggestions to the contrary, the hope of a dominating pro tournament circuit (read B.A.S.S.) landing in the West is like your next date with Cameron Diaz.

It ain’t gonna happen.

I don’t begrudge a tournament hopeful his or her wistful desire to fish the big time. Of course, I once wanted to be a cowboy, fireman or Indian chief, too. (more…)

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Do you want the canned, one-size-fits-all bass pro seminar, or do you want something more from Brent Ehrler (pronounced A’-ler) when he comes to Santee for FINS on Wednesday evening?  Brent really would like to hear from the potential seminar-goers.

How do I know this? (more…)

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While Skeet Reese has gone into hibernation, SoCal’s  brightest star, Brent Ehrler is making yet another public appearance this Wednesday at Anglers Marine in Santee. The event is the final session of the Fishing Instructional Night School, or FINS, with the host dealership offering a free seminar and barbecue.

The nearby Redlands resident has enjoyed yet another successful season of professional fishing, finishing (more…)

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