While not pure science to some observers, Tom Leedom, a researcher for a major pharmaceutical company, has found great success in his tournament fishing in San Diego County due to his method of practice.

This past Friday, as he was preparing for a team event he’ll be fishing this Saturday, he put his “scientific method” to work.  For Leedom, that basically means comparing secondary methods to certain “controls” or constants. (more…)

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The long Thanksgiving weekend, Black Friday and all the rest blurred the last few days, but during that period I had the chance to gather some new perspectives that I’ll be sharing this coming week.

After a trip to El Capitan Lake with Top 40 angler Tom Leedom I got some new insights on the science of “pre-fishing” or practice, that definitely offers some food for thought. Likewise, during an interview with Rick Clunn, I learned some things to consider about square-bill crankbaits, both historic and practical. (more…)

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Come this time of year I sure don’t want to be guilty of ingratitude. Even as I sat around this morning, I thought of that hymn with the refrain: “Count your blessings, name them one by one. Count your many blessings, see what God hath done.”

That’s not to say that every day is a no-limit gift certificate or personal best on the local pond. But even in the toughest times, we’re not without a long list of blessings. (more…)

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I know there are lots of guys who really don’t like the tournament scene. Whether it’s the risk of resources and the attendant pressure, or concerns about measuring up to one’s peers, it’s not that unusual a situation. In fact, like starting a new job, or pitching a new product, or commencing on any new endeavor, there are always doubts.

But aside from learning the rules that generally govern a fishing contest, the one parameter that everyone faces in or out of tournaments is a fixed amount of time to ply the waters!

When I first started bass fishing, the club members always wanted as late a weigh-in time as possible–even to the point of forcing the drive home into a late, tiring grind. (more…)

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Of course, it’s the angler’s responsibility to fish the conditions in front of him or her. And more than likely, the approach will be the one used to fish last week–or even yesterday. But what if the lake has turned over–say, last night?

In this part of the Southland it’s possible. In fact, it’s pretty apparent it happened just across the street and is eminent in all the local waters.

In the most extreme case, (more…)

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It’s just that time of year for making lists. And so, though it was not a banner year for California boating dealerships, two businesses in the Golden State were able to crack the list on Boating Industry Magazine’s sixth annual Top 100 List. (click here)

According to the announcement: “This marine dealer ranking has resulted in an incredibly powerful group that collectively generates more than $879 million in annual retail sales…the Top 100 is not merely a ranking of the largest, volume-driven dealers. Rather, it recognizes those marine dealers that are unsurpassed in overall business operations, customer service, marketing and professionalism.”

Highest placing dealership in California was (more…)

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Of course, not! The West’s most influential bass fishing show, the amazing Winter Bass-A-Thon this weekend at Anglers Marine, lets everyone in the door for free!

But how can they do that? You can’t get into the swap meet for free. They have a cover charge to see stand-ups who make you wince and (more…)

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I know what the Google stats say. This year’s California Top 40 Bass Anglers List got it’s biggest response ever, and certainly the heaviest one-day traffic ever on KGF. Really. Bigger than Skeet Reese changing rod sponsors (and that had a boost from BassFan.com). Bigger even than me being replaced at WON Bass. Yikes!

It’s also safe to say, the list generated some strong opinions out there. (more…)

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Although referred to by his current address in Jupiter, Florida, the new B.A.S.S. Senior Director of Sales is actually the former sales director/publisher for WON Bass (Western Outdoors Publications) Joe Higgins. While holding his position in the West during better economic times, Higgins reigned during the era of  boat sponsorships and was in part responsible for the strong national support of the WON Bass brand.

In a B.A.S.S. press release, new partner Don Hogan was quoted saying, (more…)

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What started out as a mere Honor Roll for California bass fishermen some 15 years ago has turned into an exercise in sleep deprivation. The California Top 40 Bass Angler’s List brings both satisfaction and its share of aggravation for me and members of the crack Bass Angler Assessment Team (BAAT) as we tried to piece together this worthy list.

And I blame the 200 or so candidates under consideration. Even among the top pros, the 2010 season had its share of ups and downs: (more…)

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