I know what the Google stats say. This year’s California Top 40 Bass Anglers List got it’s biggest response ever, and certainly the heaviest one-day traffic ever on KGF. Really. Bigger than Skeet Reese changing rod sponsors (and that had a boost from BassFan.com). Bigger even than me being replaced at WON Bass. Yikes!

It’s also safe to say, the list generated some strong opinions out there. And though I’m comfortable with an occasional public bashing, it’s unfortunate so many recognized fishermen may have been painted (to coin a phrase) as “has beens.” But I can say this: some of the private messages from both those who made it and those who didn’t, were about as gratifying as a guy can get.

As for the whole Top 40 thing, it’s still the most fun I have every year. In some ways, it’s like “Mr. Blackwell’s Top 10 Worse Dressed,” meaning, it’s hardly scientific. Pure and simple, you have to take a lot of it with a grain of salt.

And yet, I reluctantly have to admit, with all the commentary generated (especially the gnashing of teeth and near threats of public lynching) one thing is pretty clear: The Top 40 list must be pretty important to somebody out there.

So what can I say? Thanks to all. Let’s do it again next year.


8 Responses to “Top 40 aftermath: What just happened?”

Keep it up George. It’s a lot of fun reading and discussing it whether you agree with it or not. It is fun reading all the commentary also. The guys that bash the list for missing “obvious” choices should publish their own list and see what kind of commentary they get. Just goes to show you can’t please everyone.

Keep doing what you’re doing. I enjoyed reading it.

This is the second year I have gotten to see this and I enjoy it in spite of no longer being in California and not having the privilege of knowing who some of these guys are. Nonetheless, it is a good read and I still recognize more than a few of the names.

I would like to suggest another list while we are talking about folks involved in this sport, and that is a list either within the state or perhaps in the nation of individuals that are doing the most good for the sport of bass fishing. That is spreading the word about it, portraying a good image of its participants, introducing and educating the rest of us, etc. I see a lot names from your top 40 list that would belong on this list, as well as many others.

What do you think?

Right this minute, Bassin8r, I’d be worried that I would miss someone on that list. 😉

I think you should be banned from your own website. How could you miss so many important anglers. Your a disgrace to the fishing community. I really wonder why you’re not on the list. I love the controversy you bring to the table its great. Not just with the top 40 every year, but with the fishing community in all. Your off the wall comments on DV and your loving of a mudhole lake. I remember a long time ago when I would get WON every week I’d open it and just read your article just to see what you would come up with that week.

I think there’s a compliment in there somewhere, Jason. So thanks, man. And come visit us again at the mudhole. 🙂

Kramer – Great work. No matter who you had on your Top 40 – there were going to be names left off. There are 100 guys that think they belong on it and only 40 spots. My degree isn’t in math… but it seems to me there are not enough spots for the people that think they belong on it.

I heard a rumor that you used to do another Top 40 list? Was there ever a second Top 40 list on another topic?

In the mid 90’s, I started the list with Fishing & Hunting News as a “SoCAl” Top 40, before going statewide. I’ve only had a bass list, Tom.