Of course, not! The West’s most influential bass fishing show, the amazing Winter Bass-A-Thon this weekend at Anglers Marine, lets everyone in the door for free!

But how can they do that? You can’t get into the swap meet for free. They have a cover charge to see stand-ups who make you wince and rock bands that can’t read music. And yet, for an apparent rainy trip to Anaheim, you can walk right in to see and learn from some of the superstars of the sport (not to mention, many of the personalities found on this year’s California Top 40 List)–just like you owned the place.

I mean, c’mon? Cody Meyer. Larry Nixon. John Crews. Then you have Classic qualifier Bret Hite, U.S. Open winner Justin Kerr and the mad scientist of swimbait makers, Jerry Rago.


And if you want even more of a local flavor, they have added DVL guide Art Berry, the “Milkman” himself, veteran pro Rich Tauber, plus everyone’s favorite better half, (especially to John Morrow) Tammy Morrow, one of the best “second casts” in the game.

Open 8 a.m. both Saturday and Sunday, there are all kinds of informational and new product perks, tackle and boat sales, and rare autograph opportunities at the 2010 Bass-A-Thon. And Rick Grover’s still not going to charge you a dime to get in.



12 Responses to “$10 cover charge for Bass-A-Thon?”

You may get in free but chances are you won’t get out for free. 😉

That is one accurate statement, Mr. Schneider!

That’s why I’m not going. Don’t get me wrong, I WANT to go but I can’t afford to spend any money [when I get there].

Oh Darlene, you know shopping makes you happy! 🙂

Just sign a raffle tix when you get in the door and you just might win a FLW entry. Won’t cost a thing. Info is free, so come and enjoy. Rick G.

Darn it! I don’t have money to spend right now and I just KNOW if I go, I will buy every new lure I see, and I don’t NEED any more lures! I buy so much new stuff, and when I get on the lake I keep using all my old stuff. And I MEAN OLD…like 18 years old…lures they don’t even make anymore, like Fat Raps, worms they don’t make anymore, like camo power finesse worms. Geeshhh…I want to go! Okay, I’ll go, but I’m leaving my VISA card at home! NOT!

Okay, I went, spent money I shouldn’t have on lures I didn’t need, and talked to people I haven’t seen in years (Larry Nixon, Don Iovino, Larry Hopper, Jimmy Houston). Also talked to some people I met at the US Open this year, which was nice, and met some new people. I sat in on a couple of seminars, learned a few things, and ate a yummy cheeseburger. But didn’t see George Kramer. Where were you, George? I have to commend the folks that worked this show. They were all friendly, courteous, helpful, and professional. Thank you, Rick, and thanks to your crew for the great time.

I was doing some field work…

One of these days I’ll make it Bass-A-Thon. Free? That’s Righteous! I’d be HAPPY to pay $10 to get in and see Rago’s latest creations. Love my original jointed Rago Rat. and the SEWER RAT? Around here I only throw it with a wire muskie leader on it. The pike eat that sucker up!!

BAT rocks, and I was very sorry I had to miss it this year! Sounds like another banner event, and Rick and staff kicked butt once again.

Fortunately, I didn’t spend money I didn’t have to spend, so maybe next year I can spend the money I didn’t have to spend this year on stuff I don’t need next year!



You also have to believe that next year’s Silver Anniversary (25th) is going to be extra special in Anaheim! 🙂

Oy! I’d better start saving up my money now.