It’s just that time of year for making lists. And so, though it was not a banner year for California boating dealerships, two businesses in the Golden State were able to crack the list on Boating Industry Magazine’s sixth annual Top 100 List. (click here)

According to the announcement: “This marine dealer ranking has resulted in an incredibly powerful group that collectively generates more than $879 million in annual retail sales…the Top 100 is not merely a ranking of the largest, volume-driven dealers. Rather, it recognizes those marine dealers that are unsurpassed in overall business operations, customer service, marketing and professionalism.”

Highest placing dealership in California was Gone Fishin’ Marine, located in Dixon which came in at 68th out of the top 100. Making the list for the third straight year, the dealership, which offers Triton,Tracker and Nitro lines, also features one of the top pro staffs in the state and is a fixture on Ultimate Bass Radio.

Also making the list was Galey’s Marine in Bakersfield, selling primarily pleasure craft, finished 83rd on the list. It was the fourth straight Top 100 recognition for Galey’s.


4 Responses to “NorCal boat dealership makes Top 100 list”

Congrats to Mark and his staff at Gone Fishin Marine. They are 1st class!

No offense to the recipients, but IMHO Anglers Marine, C&C Marine and Inland Marine deserve to also be on that list. They’ve overcome adversity just to remain in business, cater to their customers above and beyond, and are model citizens in the industry.


To get on that list is not hard. Yes, you need to be a good dealer, which Gone Fishing is, and the owner Mark Blanton is a very good guy, you just need to fill out their surveys and give them financial info all the time, which they share within the industry. We just dont have the time to deal with it. And if through all these down years, you have survived in this industry, you are a good dealer, as only the best are left. The “List” you want to be on as a Marine dealer are the top C.S.I. list’s from the engine mfg’s. There is the true test. That is how you take care of your customers “after” they spend their hard earned money.

Don’t worry, Rick. Nobody ever reads those lists…