Come this time of year I sure don’t want to be guilty of ingratitude. Even as I sat around this morning, I thought of that hymn with the refrain: “Count your blessings, name them one by one. Count your many blessings, see what God hath done.”

That’s not to say that every day is a no-limit gift certificate or personal best on the local pond. But even in the toughest times, we’re not without a long list of blessings.

For me, that list starts with my wife, kids, grandkids, this free country and so many good people with whom I share common interests or possibly beliefs. And as important as bass fishing and soccer are in my life, as I go down my list of blessings, it takes a long, long time before I ever get to swimbaits or team hoodies.

The recent passing of one Mike Coash, an important, though uncelebrated figure at Lake Castaic for many years, got my attention in regard to friends and acquaintances. I did not know Mike, but reading some of the public tributes it was pretty evident he would have been someone I would have enjoyed knowing. At that moment I thought, if there exists this appreciation (gratitude/thankfulness) for him at his passing, how fortunate were those who had known him in life.

But you know what? I do have people who have been special influences in my life or are real friends and I need to keep those relationships alive because (in mortal terms) those relationships have a limited shelf-life. The thought moved me so I have already made some calls…and hope to make several more.

Because it’s true. I have a lot to be thankful for.

Oh, and by the way. Tomorrow is not “Black Friday.” No way, I’m going fishing.


4 Responses to “Not to forget: Reasons for giving thanks…”

You are so very right about Mike Coash, George – and I am very thankful to have known him.

I am also very thankful for you, George – for all that you have brought to our beloved sport; but more importantly, for sharing your friendship with me for many (many) years.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving.

Good Point….You never know how much you’ll miss somebody untill they’re gone. Yes I’m fish’n tomorrow in the rain….get’n together w/ a few guys I just see once or twice a year. Thanks for the thoughts

George, Didn’t know Mike personally, but knew of him around Castiac. Hope you and your family had a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!Sorry I missed you at Anglers’ I wish you and your family a HAPPY & BLESSED CHRISTMAS & HOLIDAY SEASON! Good Fishing! Gene