The long Thanksgiving weekend, Black Friday and all the rest blurred the last few days, but during that period I had the chance to gather some new perspectives that I’ll be sharing this coming week.

After a trip to El Capitan Lake with Top 40 angler Tom Leedom I got some new insights on the science of “pre-fishing” or practice, that definitely offers some food for thought. Likewise, during an interview with Rick Clunn, I learned some things to consider about square-bill crankbaits, both historic and practical.

Please check back for those posts.

FOR LOCALS ONLY–Closer to home (and just for the cadre of Elsinore/Wildomar viewers) I can tell you for sure the recent weather has steadily cooled the natural lake almost a degree a day, based on readings from the monitors at the both the east and west sides of the lake. (click here)

Wasn’t it last week I was seeing 70.2 degrees in places? Just in the last hour or so (Saturday evening) it was actually colder at 18 feet (just under 60 degrees) than in the top layer (about 56 1/2). This looks like the full winter pattern–though it will still drop another 5 to 6 degrees–and that will make the mid-day warming about the best we can hope for as an activity period.


One Response to “Next up: ‘Pre-fish’ science; Clunn comments”

Your for “Locals Only” laboratory demonstrates temperature and it’s effects that are similar to what can be expected at other bodies of water that have been subjected to the same seasonal weather patterns. We are experiencing a similar predictable shift of fish behavior in my local lake 400 miles north of your pond. So your observations can potentially have broader relevance.

I’m looking forward to the crankbait and pre-fishing post.