Continuing the series of asking prominent anglers what they consider important enough to never forget when they head out, I caught up with Justin Kerr, the 2008 U.S. Open champion. About to depart for a full-time run at the FLW Tour, the Lake Havasu City (formerly Simi Valley) pro was quick to answer.

In case you hadn’t heard, he’s now a member of the Anglers Marine Pro Staff and running his first Ranger. He has also changed his perspective since he’s no longer fishing close to home. Here are three things he won’t forget: (more…)

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I was just reviewing the posts of 2010 and with the end of the year so close, I thought I’d do something I’ve never tried before–that is rate the biggest bass fishing stories of the year. The only problem, most of the stories were dwarfed by just two: one local and one international–call them #1 and #1A. So let me throw them out there: (more…)

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VIEW on Christmas Eve...

From December 19 through Christmas Eve, the unexpected–and the sorely needed–heavy rainfall hit the Inland Empire, and the resulting runoff raised Lake Elsinore more than five feet.

What’s more, the San Jacinto River continues to run at better than 800 cubic feet per second, even after the worst of storm. After the monster flows of Tuesday and Wednesday, the lake is spreading out, flooding new cover, (more…)

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As much as we anticipate the holiday season, competitive anglers are also looking ahead to what’s coming on the tournament calendar in 2011. But before any of those scheduled events the best thing anyone can do is prepare.

Gary Klein, who’s been qualifying for Bassmaster Classics before many of today’s anglers were even born (adding a 29th time this spring, I believe) has pretty much used the same formula to produce those results. And it starts with practice.

“At the beginning of practice I’m really a generalist,” (more…)

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This 7-day storm series (though not quite the biblical 40 days and 40 nights) has been as contrary to global prognosticators as any could imagine. But the impact is going to be vital to any local waterways that are able to catch the run-off.

The accompanying Water District photo was forwarded by Pat Kilroy of the Aquatic Resources (and parks and recreation) in the City of Lake Elsinore and it shows the magnitude of the spillage from the Canyon Lake Dam. (more…)

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150 CFS this morning...

3300 CFS this afternoon

UPDATED (link added): Okay, the scientists sort of missed the mark on a dry winter this time. But maybe that just shows, if you wish hard enough, you still might just get what you want. In this case, after almost three feet of evaporation this summer, we’ve been hoping for enough rainfall to get Lake Elsinore safely above the 1240 elevation (when low oxygen starts to be a problem). (more…)

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Florida’s fabled climate (sort of like California this week) turned sour in early December, but Rusty Brown and father Rocky, still were able to sample the bass fishing at Walt Disney World–and catch over 300 bass on five different waterways.

Rusty typically takes guide clients to the popular waters around the Southland, but on this vacation he was “a client” for 17 outings (part of the vacation package) on the other side of the country. But instead of mild conditions, the South was suffering through record low temperatures.

Still, the crankbait bite was generally on, (more…)

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UPDATE: Cancel this. The site has a new name and new URL. DelawareTrophyBass.com, the site that heavily covered the Japanese World Record catch,  has changed its name to reflect exactly what it is about. The new Name is Bass Fishing Tips,Tackle,Videos. The URL address, however, is the same: http://delawaretrophybass.com. (more…)

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No one has been too quick to advertise statistics on the matter, but even a casual look at team tournament attendance would suggest that participation is down roughly 60 percent from two, and certainly, from three years ago. It’s a huge drop-off.

But while I would laud the organizations (well, it’s probably just one) (more…)

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Still looking for answers, I caught up with Top 40 angler Guy Williams of Menifee, to get his response to my question, “What three things will you never forget to take with you?” These can be tangible or philosophical, it really doesn’t matter.

So here’s what this Guy has to say:

First: “Remember where you caught them last time.”  Since Williams doesn’t get in a lot of prefishing time, he says, “Remembering where you caught them is a big key to where you’re going to catch them next.” (more…)

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