Still looking for answers, I caught up with Top 40 angler Guy Williams of Menifee, to get his response to my question, “What three things will you never forget to take with you?” These can be tangible or philosophical, it really doesn’t matter.

So here’s what this Guy has to say:

First: “Remember where you caught them last time.”  Since Williams doesn’t get in a lot of prefishing time, he says, “Remembering where you caught them is a big key to where you’re going to catch them next.” In other words, “The fish are on a highway–where is the next stop?”

Second, he says, “I go with a game plan, but I don’t forget to fish in the moment.” For example he says, “By the time a tournament starts, like a pro am, I have a plan that I’m going to run a pattern or whatever. But I’m a looker; I have my head on a swivel [looking for bait or birds or fish activity]. Don’t forget to take the opportunities that may show when you’re on your game plan; it doesn‘t take but a few moments to make a few casts [to check something out.]

Third, Williams says, “Don’t forget to stay confident. Some guys want it to happen now, and it doesn’t always work that way.  I know if it s going to happen, in my mind it’s going to happen.  It’s only going to take 5 casts, so my mind-set is it’s going to happen. Just keep at it.”


9 Responses to “Guy Williams: Don’t forget these things”

Gotta love it. He uses one of my mantras: “Head on a swivel”. SURVIVAL. On the water, and on the street. That’s maybe his biggest reason for making Kramer’s Top 40.

Guy’s a perv!

Super Star!

Who’s the Guy you speak of???

He also fights in the UFC under the name Michael Bisping.

Guy, You complete me.

whats up with the sissy rod? G– or GUY?

Guy, You had me at “remember”… you make my heart go pitter pat…..

HA HAAAAAA, you guys kill me!!!!