UPDATE: Cancel this. The site has a new name and new URL. DelawareTrophyBass.com, the site that heavily covered the Japanese World Record catch,  has changed its name to reflect exactly what it is about. The new Name is Bass Fishing Tips,Tackle,Videos. The URL address, however, is the same: http://delawaretrophybass.com.

According to the latest press information, “In 2011, all Pro Staff and staff members will be receiving their own business cards at no charge, and all members will be receiving free baits at random if we have your mailing address on file.”

The site will also be associated with Faculty of Fishing, and will be offering new intermediate and advanced bass fishing courses online, similar to Bass University.


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Thanks. Lots of changes coming in 2011, new videos on the Potomac River and Upper Bay rivers and all Delaware and Maryland lakes will be filmed in FULL HD and with 2 cameras one of which is underwater to catch fights and releases.We will also be contributing content to Faculty of Fishing and offering online courses as stated at a price that anyone can afford. Free baits to members, lots of great suff on the way. Just like here!!

Great website, always good info, THANKS STEVE!

Thanks Alex, we appreciate you being there. I want to encourage everyone to stop in the forums and make a post and say hi. Then of course come back here as well. There is a lot of great information on here and on my site, and we can make it way better by more people participating in the forums and commenting on what you would like to see and giving your opinions. It helps to take a minute to post, as it lets us know what to try to add, etc. Tight lines, Steve