150 CFS this morning...

3300 CFS this afternoon

UPDATED (link added): Okay, the scientists sort of missed the mark on a dry winter this time. But maybe that just shows, if you wish hard enough, you still might just get what you want. In this case, after almost three feet of evaporation this summer, we’ve been hoping for enough rainfall to get Lake Elsinore safely above the 1240 elevation (when low oxygen starts to be a problem).

So wow! That looks like it will be taken care of as the morning reading had the lake at 1242.59–before the huge river flow began.

But frankly, nobody could have imagined what’s happening here as captured in these photos. At 8:30 Tuesday morning the San Jacinto River was flowing at about 150 cfs, while spilling over the Canyon Lake Dam.

UPSTREAM SAN JACINTO RIVER blows over the north causeway at Canyon Lake

A few hours later, around noon, it was chugging in at 2910 cfs and my last update at 2:30 p.m. showed it was pouring in at 3390 cubic feet per second–blasting the 1922 record for this date at 755 cfs–before there was a dam on the river. See for yourself, click here.

Yes, this unusual storm has caused it’s share of problems, but given what’s at stake for recreation, we’re just going to have to endure blocked roads and leaky roofs (I know I am).


9 Responses to “Holiday wish: One wet Elsinore winter…”

Lot’s more coming your way George!! Salt river here in Menifee is running wide and full and San Jacinto river through Perris is as big as I’ve ever seen it near the 215 FWY.

Hey George,
what level does it have to reach to be totally full; what’s the spillway level?

I just hope we get enough rain to fill up Lake Piru. In November it was just a pond and the narrows were out of the water.

Robert: The outflow channel elevation is 1255 and at 1262 the river flows to the back side of the dike. The full height of the dike is 1265. But you’ve seen it. The outflow channel is a window vent compared the full width of the San Jacinto River. It’s not really a “spillway.” And Guy: you are correct. Highest flow nearly reached 400 cfs through the creek–almost double anything I’ve seen before. If tonight is as nasty as they predict, I’ll be launching from my driveway…

If you have to launch from your driveway you won’t have any launch fees and you won’t have far to go to put your boat up. Think of the gas savings! Have a great holiday, George!

It should make for some good spring fishing! The flooding is also good for us gold prospectors 🙂 Please have a VERY SAFE holiday season and Merry Christmas.

Guy, overnight it went even more crazy on Salt Creek–all the way to 2000 cfs in that little ditch. With that and the big river (7980 at 7:30 Wednesday morning!), you’d think a few of those Canyon Lake bass find their way downstream to the Big E. 😉

…And same to you, Alex!

Every time we get heavy flows, I regret that we don’t have more reservoirs (with launch ramps) and capacity to capture the temporary abundance.
A+ news and pictures.Thanks for sharing.