I guess I’ve been lucky over the years. I haven’t suffered some of the losses as have friends. I try to always have an eye on my rig (when I’ve had one) and I only fish the “G-rated” lakes and recreation areas.

But it also doesn’t hurt to be protective of your stuff. That’s why I was fascinated (more…)

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If you like utility in your holiday gift-giving, you should probably look for something other than foul-weather gear. That’s my take after reading the latest El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) report. It suggests this part of the Golden State can likely expect a dry winter.

The headline says it all. “La Niña is expected to last (more…)

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ROD WYNN says...

Everybody looks at their tackle or their approach differently, but how does that compare with other anglers? After giving it some thought, I’ve decided to just go around and ask some of the more respected fishermen if they would divulge what they think is really important.

Specifically, I asked, “What are three things you can’t forget when you head out?” There were no mandates. I’ve been telling them, “It can be tools, methods, concepts–it doesn’t matter to me. It only has to matter to them.”  So here we go; I’ll be sprinkling these among the regular posts from time to time.

Up first: Rod Wynn of Inglewood. (more…)

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Hey, I wouldn’t have a website had my own kids not “guided” me into the cyber medium. Yet, I doubt I would have had the same success I’ve enjoyed here on KramerGoneFishing without the support of one Tony Stoltz–owner of the West’s beacon site: WesternBass.com.

But, according to an email message from him that I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing, Tony is stepping away from this dynamic endeavor, putting WesternBass.com up for sale. (more…)

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It’s almost winter. I live Southern California and the mornings occasionally dip into the 30’s. So when I run down the lake early, it’s cold. I don’t care if Eskimos are wearing T shirts. I’m conditioned by my environment.

Just a week or so ago, I was making a short run and I got that sudden, piercing pain in my forehead.  You know, that headache you sometimes get from eating ice cream too fast–only with this trip there was no sugar. Well, it has nothing to do with your exposed face–but everything to do with the cold air you breathe. (more…)

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While I bet  I’m a few waypoints shy on some of the local lakes, with time on the water, I can make up some of that ground. On the other hand, what if I was forced to test totally new waters–against local talent–as a new touring pro? Wouldn’t it be great to have a tool that could speed up the learning curve?

Certainly, knowledge is power. And in the bass fishing game, knowledge is often a paycheck. That’s why a new product (more…)

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I made a mistake the other day. I tried to get Rick Clunn to give me the “short answer” on square-bill cranks. Having just bought a couple of RC 1.5’s, and then going out and catching a few, I wanted to know if I was on track with my use of them. At the same time I kidded him that I had once bought 30 DB 22’s with his picture on the label for 2 bucks a pop at the Bass-A-Thon. And now I was spending $15 for each.

But there was no short answer. He gave me a bit of a history lesson that stretched back to the late 1960’s (more…)

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