From the height of the Japanese World record issue, we heard of the strangely named website: Delaware trophy bass. Owner Steve vonBrandt seemed to have the inside line on the angler and the catch, but for viewers outside the region, it was hard to connect Delaware with anything but “blue hens.”

But that’s in the past. Steve now has made all the changes to better reflect what he has to offer: information on catching more and bigger fish. As he emailed, “I have been thinking about the best name for a long time and since the site is not about Delaware but instead trophy bass and tournament angling it needed to be changed to reflect the content and direction the site is going.” 

 The new site name is “The Bass College” and the new URL is I checked and it is up and working.

And for you website mongers, the sale has been finalized. You’ll be hearing from the new owner on Monday. He’s not a “look at me” guy, however, it sounds like some neat things are planned over there as well.


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Thanks George we appreciate all you do. Tight lines, Steve