So, I was digging around in the Kramer Katacombs this morning and uncovered some priceless stuff. Well, maybe not priceless, but seeing them did give me an idea for a little contest. No true or false. No matching. No essays. Yeah, all of which means there is no guessing.  

Just a little test of your knowledge of bass fishing history, going back to the 1970’s and in a case or two, maybe even a decade earlier. Click on the image to magnify. You see some are injection, a couple hand pour. Some brands may have even changed hands, and some might even still be available as we chat. The key is, make sure you look closely (because there’s going to be another “worm contest” next week as well).

Just make sure you identify each of the five of baits shown, top to bottom. (I hate it when someone loses on a technicality). The more information you can supply, the better–as long as it’s correct. And I’m not sure what the prize will be at this minute, but I promise it will be worth more than a 10-pack of any of these cost back in the day!

PS: It would sure be nice if someone under 40 years of age knew the answer… (But it’s not mandatory).


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I think the first one is a first edition Manns Jelly Worm
I think the Third one is a Berkeley Natural series from the Early 80s
I think the last one is made by Mister Twister.

I know I have no chance of winning because I have no clue what the other ones are. Im just curious if I was right on any one of them.


Fliptail, Lindy worm, Delong SD special, California worms Shark and a Action worms or Worth plastics grub.

by George Kramer

Jason: Unfortunately, you didn’t get a bite on those casts… And for that matter, I’m still looking for a winner.

1) Creme Scoundrel
2) Lindy
3) Delong
4) Western Plastics Shark
5) Action Plastics Grub

ding a ling ? ? shark ?…

Wow – this is a hard one, George. I Know The Fliptail. That’s it. But I want to get some of those grubs on the bottom!

by George Kramer

You don’t want me to spoil it for you yet, do you? Game is still on! 🙂

1) Creme Scoundrel
2) Lindy
3) Smitty
4) California Shark (coughdrop)
5) Action worm

Good Fishin!

Dang….I must be wrong on the manufacturer of the Shark… Good quiz George! 🙂

1. Creme Lures, Shimmy Granny
2. Lindy worm, aka Lindy tail
3. Delong worm, San Diego Special
4. California Custom Lures, Shark
5. Action Lures, Breathing Grub

by George Kramer

Man, we are soooo close. Do I give it up, or try for perfection? Would it help to note the grub body, sans tail, is 1 3/4 inches or that the big worm is 7 1/4 inches long? 😉

OK George, change my #1 answer to Creme Shimmy Gal. That worm looks bigger than 7 1/4 inches in the picture.

by George Kramer

Don, you are the man. The sizes weren’t meant to fool anyone, just happened that way. Shimmy Gal, introduced in 1966, accounted for the 1968 win by Creme Lures pro John Powell at Lake Eufaula weighing 132 pounds, 12 ounces for three days.

Yes, the Lindy Tail was a good one, and the company even came out with the chocolate brown to match the popular Delong, which in the 6-inch size (this is a four) was more commonly referred to as the “Otay Special.”

Not everybody is old, so the Shark, an elongated reaper, made the board, followed by the Action Lures (or if you had said Kalin, who bought the molds) Breathing Grub, you would have also been correct.

Don, go to the Contact page on the site and send me an email with your mailing address…

I never thought I’d get to say this, but, “These lures are before my time!”

Ahhh…. Shimmy Gal.

Speaking of the Lake Eufaula event, which southern California angler fished that event, and was sponsored by General Motors, and weighed in the largest 15-bass limit ever weighed in in a B.A.S.S. event? The record still remains today and will forever. George, don’t say anything. 🙂


So George where can I find those breathing grubs in the color you show? I really neeeeeed them……..

Terry, you and a couple others have blown up next week’s contest already (BTW: Rip Nunnery of Cerritos, if you please, and that 98-15 one-day catch). But I will have some news regarding that very issue soon.

And 1bigg, “Find” is the operative word for those Breathing Grubs, since they haven’t been made in some time. But I will look…

Sorry for messing up next week’s quiz George. 🙂 Can’t wait to see what else you have to add to it.


George, I wish I would have seen this quiz when you put it out, cuz I got all of them. Should have thrown in a Rebel ringworm and my all time favorite the Strike King Diamond Back worm.
And loved the smell of the old Breathing worms (Cinnamon). Nice quiz George

by George Kramer

I wouldn’t go around admitting such things, Mike. Someone might think you’re getting old. Do you have any worms that could win you some money in this year’s U.S. Open?

George the Delong looks more like Smity’s hand poured and Action grub doesn’t have ribbed loops!