UPDATED (image added). It’s more than 40 years old, yet probably hasn’t been seen or used by anglers in almost 30 years. But it will be getting a face lift–actually a whole makeover–and may be operational by May of  2012. It, of course, is the new launch ramp and related facilities that will be replacing the ones now submerged that were constructed in the late 1960’s or early 70’s. Then the designated area at the north end of the lake was the State Park Campground. Many years later it would be the primary lake access point in what is now the City campground.

The lake basin is ancient, of course. But it was rewatered in the 1960’s after years as dry, dusty bottom suitable for dirt bikes. As Pat Kilroy of the Lake, Parks & Rec. Department noted, “Back then they didn’t know what lake level was likely to be over time. It was constructed at the 1240 elevation (now considered a minimum height for viable fish survival).”

NEW MARINA will be located approximately this side of the small island to the right of the mobile homes near the center of this photo.

Instead, following demolition of the existing ramp and raising the adjacent ground to roughly 1255 feet or the height of the outflow channel, according to Kilroy, the ramp will service the lake from that peak down to 1235. In order to raise the ground and create a marina with a pair of 400 foot long “boarding floats,” construction teams will bring in fill material from the southern flood plain–outside of the dike.

WEST MARINA was never inundated this year...

This higher ground at the north end will allow for six lanes for launching over 250 paved parking spaces and a restroom facility, and access will be through the campground, directly to the lake. 

There will be some impact on the underwater “structures” with the demolition of the “pipes.” But Kilroy says, “There will be new pipes….”


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Can you launch your boat as the lake is now?

by George Kramer

Sure can. At the city’s main ramp–Seaport Landing–toward the southwest corner near the Little League diamonds and the largest private ramp–Lake Elsinore West–in the northwest corner. (Though we are waiting for a few more bites to make it worth the trip.)