Valencia’s Kevin Johnson is one of those California pros who has the will and the means to travel the country fishing PAA and FLW events as well as the U.S. Open, and his success landed him on the 2010 Top 40 list. After some discussion, I got Kevin to come up with three “don’t forget” items when he takes to the road or the water.

1. Key equipment. The first things he mentioned were battery chargers and spare props. It doesn’t matter if it worked last night, the charging equipment you need today has also got to function. So he says, “I carry lots of chargers.”

But props are vulnerable as well. Kevin threw one in his U.S. Open practice, but got himself back in action by having the prop–and the tools and hardware to replace it.

2. A flexible gameplan. “I always want to have some type of basic game plan,” he says. But it’s not ironclad.  “I don’t mind throwing it out the window if I see something or if I have a hunch. I’m not stuck into one thing–that’s why I carry a boat load of tackle and 25 rods in there.”

3. A daily standard. If tournament fishing has taught him anything, Kevin is adamant:  “You need a limit every day.” Citing an FLW event prior to last year’s U.S. Open, he went for weight and didn’t get the bites. “I would have advanced [with a limit],” he remembered. Forwarding to the Open, he reminded himself, “The ounces always count.” On the final day he said, “I worked hard and as fast. I had no chance if I didn’t have that fifth fish.” It landed him in fourth spot.



10 Responses to “Kevin Johnson: Three things he won’t forget”

And he plays a mean game of Texas Hold ’em as well.

by Kevin Johnson

Thank you Darlene! Will you be fishing the US OPEN again this year?

Probably not. Last time I got very dehydrated, sick. I couldn’t finish the third day. I don’t want that to happen again, and cause my Pro to lose an “extra rod” in the water. 🙁 So you’ll have to beat someone else at the poker table this year! LOL You and Dick Watson can go heads up! Good luck at both the poker tournament and the US Open!

Good luck on tour KJ, we’ll be rootin’ for ya!!!

I know something he should forget! THAT ORANGE JACKET!

Actually, if he wound up in the water, that orange jacket would make it easier for a rescue team to see.

Thanks Guy, about ready to head on back for some scouting….

Darlene, your right, plus it floats and it’s also a subzero jacket so I was nice and warm on that cold and wet day at Pyramid.

I KNEW there was a good reason you wore that color jacket! It looks warm too. PYRAMID? You mean they actually have bass bigger than 1.5#? LOL

by Kevin Johnson

Oh yes Darlene, Pyramid has some big bass in it and if you time it right, you can catch a very nice bag. That day was one of those days, numerous smallies over 3lbs and a handful of large mouth over 3lbs and then the big one.

Our club (Castaic Bass Club) is fishing there the second Sunday in March. Hopefully, I can catch something bigger than 1.5#. You’ve given me hope!