From Valentine’s Day to birthdays to Opening Day, there’s probably lots of times a surprise gift will make a great impression. In the fishing realm, a couple of friends of mine have provided some options, so I thought I’d pass them along.

The most immediate is a heart-warming (possibly, head-warming) Valentine’s gift from Lobina Lures. Jennifer Duff & company are offering a combination beanie, long-sleeve T-shirt that they will wrap and ship, and toss in a Lobina backpack with a Valentine card. So you know, these aren’t those $5 wear-once  promo items, these are the good stuff. And hey, isn’t your Valentine worth it?

Also, a long-time cohort in the outdoor communications world, Steve Price, is at it again, teaming up with a top national pro to bring angling insights to the forefront. In this case, Steve (himself a Bass Fishing Hall of Fame writer) is doing the work with Mike Iaconelli in a book entitled Finesse Fishing with Mike Iaconelli.

While the Midwest likes to take credit for the roots of finesse fishing and the West has made it nationally popular, Bassmasters Classic winner Iaconelli has made it work for him since the enigmatic fisherman hit the national stage. While the book may seem redundant on some fronts, the fact is, you probably haven’t heard of all of Ike’s adaptations.

Anyone building a bass fishing library should definitely add this volume to his or her collection. As the promo says, “From shallow water to deep, clear water to dingy, these two anglers cover the subject of finesse fishing in words and photographs like never before!”

Publication Date: February 15, 2011, and if you order before Feb. 15 for the discounted price of $15.00 plus $3.95 shipping. Otherwise it will be $19.95, plus $4.95 for Priority Mail shipping. You can order at


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Nice picture of you on the lobina site.

by George Kramer

Yeah, that was a nice little surprise. On the dam at Perris.