One thing you can be sure about our sport, topics hit the bass atmosphere like asteroids, burn hot, then disappear in an instant. For that reason, the daily blogs (well, almost daily) are the perfect medium for such information flashes.

But sometimes, there is a bit more time to read over a longer piece, give it some thought and see if the ideas fit what you do–or would like to. For that reason, this February, I have decided to post some longer “stories” in the FEATURES section here (on the menu bar) on a monthly basis. These aren’t going to have any special introduction so you won’t even know they are there unless you’re turning pages on KGF. The fact is, they’re just a little addition to the site that will hang around for several weeks and then be replaced.

The home page here will continue to highlight news, opinions, products, tips or trips and the occasional contest as always. But for those who have a few extra minutes, check the features page once a month, starting Tuesday.

And thanks as always.


4 Responses to “Monthly ‘features’ to begin in February”

by Jojo Norwood.

Glad you posted this….looking forward to Tuesday now!! LOL

Graz for the heads up, look forward to them.

by Jojo Norwood.

It’s Febuary….where’s it at…..

by George Kramer

I tried to trick you, Jojo. Go to the banner at the top of the home page and click “Features.”