I’m sure the guys at WileyX will be yucking it up after they hear about the eighth-ounce tungsten jig head I let smack me in the eye.

My last pair of split lens Costa Del Mars was not bullet-proof, though still proved to be a lot better than not wearing any protection. I guess this means I go back Ono’s or Fisherman’s Eyewear with the bifocal lens. (more…)

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Lakehead’s Jeff Michels rode three big bites to a convincing win in the opener of the new FLW “Everstart” Series at Lake Shasta that ended Saturday. The field included many of the top stay-at-home pros in the Golden State and the tough fishing made this particular contest one of the most challenging in recent memory.

In my mind, this event may be a manifestation of a new reality (more…)

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I’m in the process of getting my roof repaired and the home lake is up almost 5 1/2 feet from the end of last season, but Mother Nature may be “calling off the jam.”

True, heavy rain rain was a welcome sight for fishermen in a record December, but expecting much more could be a long shot. So says the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in its weekly report as well as its three-month projection. (more…)

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While researching for a comprehensive feature on the subject, I couldn’t help but notice that Nature is likely to provide a lot of clues to anglers–especially if they don’t have side-imaging sonar.

Are you familiar with the birds in the photo? It’s been quite awhile since I’ve seen them in such numbers in this area. In the back bays on the coast it’s a different story, (more…)

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A new breed of tournament bass fishing websites has just been introduced and former Californian Robert Faaborg is at the helm–or at least, the back seat.

According to his news release, “BackDeckPro.com will exclusively cover the Co-angler side of tournament bass fishing. The site will be unique in that there will only be six topics on the home page at any one time. The site is anchored by “At The Tanks” a column dedicated to event coverage ranging from pre-tournament preparation to post tournament analysis. It will be the most comprehensive event coverage of the Co-angler’s end of the boat. (more…)

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Maybe it’s just a tempest in a teapot, but a new website set to go live any day is scaring up enough reaction from the industry that just this past Friday there was a featured a story in Boating Industry (click here).

At the crux is the new site, founded by two former industry execs, Jack Malone from Mercury and of Dave Taylor from U.S. Marine, is about to unveil information about boat costs, in a move parallel to Edmunds.com (that sheet you get when you buy a new car or truck). (more…)

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Hard to argue, Mike Phua of Chino Hills had one of the great seasons in team fishing in 2010, scoring wins regardless of his partner. Likewise, among Soutlanders, Mike has been recognized as a top-flight angler in the pro ranks as well.

As a part of a continuing series of interviews with top local anglers, when I asked him what were three things he never wanted to forget, he offered up the following:

1. Preparation. “This is a huge thing,” he said. “Not just tackle and baits, [but to] make a mental note (more…)

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In case you didn’t have enough bookmarked websites, 2011 is bringing an ambitious new site: Advanced Angler.com, featuring input from many stars of the game.

According to Tom Leogrande of CBC fame and one who has an interest in the cyber endeavor, the site is edited by California’s Dan O’Sullivan, however the primary owner was not revealed in the conversation. Leogrande referred to him as (more…)

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Just 10 days away and my forecasting powers are honed sharply for the kick-off of the Everstart West series at Lake Shasta, Jan 13-15.

Although the actual number of participants will be announced shortly (and I don’t want them to know I hacked their system) it would be safe to say that a minimum of __ boats should be expected for the $1000 entry fee contest.

The good news for the locals, I am forecasting there will be no repeat (more…)

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