On the brink of what many anticipate as a surprisingly potent set of winter storms, Lake Elsinore (Elsie) also got a nice little Valentine gift from the Department of Fish & Game. It came in the form of a stock of 48 largemouth bass that were delivered with little fanfare earlier today.

The storms, which depending on how much precipitation they actually create, could further lift the level of the natural lake, which reached a height of just over 1248 feet, or three feet higher than at any time in 2010. Today the Lake Elsinore reading was at 1247.68, but with Canyon Lake just .6 of a foot below spill, several inches of rainfall should start the river flowing westward.

The bass stocking is significant since it comes when the water temperature is in the mid 50’s and generally on the rise as the days get longer. This should aid in the newcomers’ survival. These fish, in time, may also spice the gene pool in the lake.

According to a note from the DFG, these fish are small, averaging just over half a pound, which should make them easy to identify. The Department did not say anything about additional stocking at this time, which is not uncommon, since local sources of bass are often unpredictable.


2 Responses to “‘Elsie’ gets a belated Valentine gift”

wow! 48 bass.

Doesn’t seem like a lot. But did you know, most of the lakes in SoCal that turned into productive Florida bass waters were stocked with barely 100 fish at the time? Some brood stock would have been preferred–but hopefully, there is still time for a few more bass for Lake Elsinore. 😉