Sorry if I’m not upset that there will be no live TV broadcast of the Bassmasters Classic, starting Friday. I could barely stand 15 minutes of today’s EverStart web weigh-in with all the “Thanks for coming out” and “Better luck tomorrow.”

There are two kinds of tournaments that are nightmares to cover live. One where the bite is tough and the other is when it’s very good. When it’s tough, you don’t know who’s going to get bit or where. You don’t know where to put the cameras. And when fishing is very good, you don’t really know the guy who’s whacking them on screen is only good for 25th place.

But the Louisiana Delta (Classic site) where hours of full-tilt running time could separate the leaders–if the producers were lucky enough to have a camera boat in the right place(s)–they run the same risk as the contestants of not getting back in a timely fashion to edit. The coverage is catch (on video) as catch can.

It’s sort of like you hanging around the launch ramp and hoping to see if  a boat across the cove catches any. Not very compelling.

You know what’s compelling? It’s not those made for TV sound bites. I talked to Gary Klein just hours ago in the boat yard, like we did in the old days when I was a regular press observer. He was very calm, even serene, and let me voice my usual, unnecessary advice: “Don’t limit yourself to just two rods.”

And I know he was smiling when he answered, “I only need two.” The rest of the call was just friend chat, and not much of that from the 29-time Classic qualifier.

So no, I don’t need 10 hours of daily live broadcasts. I probably don’t need 90 minutes next week with false drama edited in. Come to think of it, just give me the highlights.


One Response to “No live Classic TV: No big deal…”

Well said George….give them a week to get it right…

Poor Aaron Martens….leading day 1….again. Bless his heart