WEST MARINA showing latest lake level

A look at the morning tables and the San Jacinto River was still running over 10 cubic feet per second into Lake Elsinore–several days after peak flows topped out close to 200. That may not mean a lot in some regions, but here it was somewhat unexpected, following the big hit in December.

The net result (although some showers are forecast in the next few days) is the natural lake has hit an elevation of 1248.07, gaining back all that was lost to evaporation in the last month and a half. Since 1240 is considered the “danger zone,” where hot temperatures and low oxygen may cause problems in summer, today’s level almost assures two to three “safe” summers ahead.

SHOWN NEAR 100 cfs, the San Jacinto River reached nearly 200 cfs this past weekend.

Obviously, it also means lots of flooded habitat and good launching, and finally (I hope) a spike in bass and crapie activity starting in mid to late March. I’ll know more when I’m back out scouting the home waters, though I realize is also an exciting time at DVL (some say it’s already started) as well as Lake Hodges and even Lake Sutherland, which opens on March 5.

Since the outflow channel at Lake Elsinore sits at 1255, there are no property damage risks. So, frankly, if it were to rain a bit more this spring, that would be just fine.


3 Responses to “Rainfall, river flows raise Lake Elsinore”

I’m so excited for the upcoming year. Hope we get more water, lake level on my beach highest level in years.

I think I’ll plan a trip out to Elsie this year.

We are hoping for good things, no doubt. I’ll post with anything notable. 🙂