Think there isn’t a huge gulf between what you use and what’s popular throughout the United States? Once again, has released its list of the “brands and products anglers purchased most frequently in 2010.” Included here are brands most common to bass fishing, however the broad brush list was “compiled from the 31,082 internet-based surveys completed by anglers who volunteered to participate last year in polls.”

So, the envelope, please:

Top rod brand: Shakespeare (12% of all purchases)

Top reel brand: Shimano (19.4% of all purchases)

Top fishing line producer: Berkley (12.8% of all purchases)

Top hard bait brand: Rapala (25.7% of all purchases)

Top soft bait brand: Zoom (13.3% of all purchases)

Top spinnerbait brand: Strike King (16.7% of all purchases)

Top hook brand: Eagle Claw/Lazer Sharp (28% of all purchases)

Top sinker brand: generic (29.7%), Water Gremlin (12% of all purchases)

Top fish finder or sonar brand: Humminbird (34.7% of all purchases)

Top tackle box brand: Plano (45.5% of all purchases)

Top landing net brand: Frabill (33.4% of all purchases)

While it’s evident some of these numbers were likely skewed by trout and panfish anglers, the Survey noted that largemouth bass were the most targeted species with almost half of all anglers surveyed (48 percent) noting their fishing activity was so directed.

Obviously, this information was compiled as marketing research and the actual report is 133 pages long and available for sale to business. But it does point up that a number of companies you know are often vying for second place in the marketshare race.

So how do these stack up with your own gear?


5 Responses to “Most popular brands in 2010 announced”

OK. I have a lot of those on the list, BUT, they were not purchased within the last year. What does that mean? Oh, yeah, I know – I gotta go fishing more, which means I gotta purchase more STUFF (cuz a lot of mine a leettle ol). Course I could just soak my reels in some 50W and take my grinder to the REALLY bad lures. Hmmmmmm. Maybe I’ll check out Bass Pro Shops online . . .
Say, someone has a birthday coming up – let’s see, since we be about the same age I guess that puts you around 49. Not bad for an old Bountymen member. 🙂

Rods: Daiwa,Reels: Daiwa, Line: Mixed brands, Hard Baits: Rapala, Soft Baits: Mixed Brands, Spinnerbaits: Stanley & Booyah, Hooks: Gamakatsu, Sinkers: Mixed Brands, Sonar: Lowrance, Tackle Boxes: Plano, Landing Nets: Bass Pro Shops & Cabela’s

Yeah, 49, Terry. All this time I was waiting for Paul McCartney to sing our praises…”When I’m___.” 😉

Maybe I was wrong with the 49, but it’s funny that we were there at the time the song was written, and now we’re there AS the song is written.

Historic, we are, TB.