UPDATED (3-1): Haven’t done so well predicting the weather this winter, but with Monday’s elevation at 1248.64, it would seem we have reached the zenith in water conditions at Lake Elsinore. The big cold front (and storm)¬†over the weekend caused Canyon Lake to spill yet again, with peak flows in the San Jacinto River¬†hitting about 700 cfs late Saturday night as you can see on the chart.

That flow eventually dribbled down to nothing, but spiked at a consistent 22 cfs, likely as a dam release to manage the level in the private community. After 5 hours, the flow was restricted to under one cubic foot per second as less than an inch of water was coming over the spillway.




Needless to say, the current level bodes well for the year (really the next three) yet is still a bit over 6 vertical feet from the outflow channel, so property around the lake looks safe. Note the West Marina photo compared to a week ago. You definitely want to make some longer casts in the marina fringe–let your bait find the hidden barbecue pits–not your trolling motor or hull.


4 Responses to “This should be about it for the season…”

How is the fishing at Lake Elsinore lately? Do you think it will ever return to the glory days of a few decades ago?

Last year when the CBC went there I remember reading a lot of complaints about it being so tough. But many years ago when it was actually a very good bass lake, it was after the lake filled up from heavy rains too. We could use another good SoCal bass lake.

by George Kramer

Can’t sugar coat it, James. We expect some improvement this spring, but the lake still does not have a lot of bass for the amount of habitat. And having another 5 to 6 feet of water on top of what we had, just gives ’em way too many places to hide.

Why don’t they put a 15″ 2 fish minimum for Largemouth Bass on this lake until the population grows?
Hopefully, the higher water levels this year and the abundance in cover will bode well for this year’s spawn.

by George Kramer

John: Subsistence fishing locally would likely negate that effort. And catch and release guys are just that. Besides, right now, nobody I know is catching two fish, any size, any day.