Pretty safe to say, we’re experiencing extraordinary times.

Here on the weekend, right on the heels of massive earth and sea movements we’re told a cloud of radiation has made its way here (though minimal in impact) while the first full moon of spring with its attendant wave of spawning bass is expected to be epic.

As you have probably heard or read, the two galactic spheres (earth and moon) are closer together tomorrow than they have been in 18 years. The phase, known as a “super moon” has been speculated as affecting a number of conditions on the planet, but I doubt everyone will be staying home fretting.

I was at Lake Mead for the Landers earthquake and some anglers reported better fishing while others thought there was no impact of that phenomnon. I’ve heard stories of fish getting active briefly during an eclipse of the sun. But I really wonder if tomorrow’s “super moon” will actually influence the amount of fish up in the shallows.

Furthermore, where I live, there is an added factor of a dropping barometer and some rain predicted for several hours in the afternoon. Dark skies could help the bite, by the same token, it will be colder and wind is expected in some locations, affecting the sight bite.

Nonetheless, these aren’t conditions you can duplicate in a laboratory. The only way we can wrap our arms around this event is for as many as who are on the water tomorrow (Saturday, March 19) to report in and let me (us) know what you found.

It’s a rare–very rare–opportunity.


3 Responses to “Just a geo, nuclear, lunar kind of weekend…”

by Jojo Norwood.

I’ll be out there…small Internet gather’n on my home lake. Fish should be where you can see them & the weather should be right. Might get a load and might stink it up…LOL This lil’ lake has got a lot of piers & docks and more mann-made brush than you can shake a flip’n stik @ but it can be brutally TUFF. Will post up but full moon is normally tuff on me…

by Jojo Norwood.

..Well “super” moon didn’t help put them in the boat. Only 4 boats showed only 4 fish caught. I Shunked…seen them up but not locked…funny didn’t see no cruisers. Weigh-in was at 2pm. My Son won w/ 2 fish @ 5+#…Caught them on a wacky rigged worm about 1:45pm. Only bites he had all day. Lower end was super clear, but I bailed on sight fish @ Noon and went to muddy water but still had no luck. WT 60+/- Bright mostly calm and air in the 80’s. Their was 3 other tournys on the same lake and I have no idea what they caught. Lake Hartwell was tuff too.

by George Kramer

My outing, to be reported in my next post, showed nothing tangible. Of course, we had cold weather at a higher elevation. Sonar showed lots of life in the top 12 feet or so, but I have no idea if that was relevant. The bite kicked in from noon on, but they weren’t nesting fish…