THE EGO S2 SLIDER NET in action...

Hey, a net’s a net, right? Doesn’t matter if you’re dipping that 5-, 6-, or 8-pounder from the local pond on a fun trip, or fishing for a big prize, when you desperately need that lightly hooked 1 3/4-pounder in the boat on the last day of the U.S. Open?

Well, maybe there’s a little difference. And ever since I first saw the EGO S2 Slider from Adventure Products (one I saw and voted for in the New Product Showcase at ICAST) I knew this one was a step-up in nets.

Just this past weekend, fishing with guide Gabe Bolivar, I got a chance for a hands on field test. I was so sure this comfortable, slick sliding and retracting handle net was going to perform, I told Gabe to leave his at home. Furthermore, when I handed it over, the first thing he said was, “This feels different.”

Feels different. Works different. Yes all landing nets do the same thing–provide you a longer arm and means of capturing a hooked fish.

A BETTER BUTTON, makes the EGO superior

But it’s been my experience that with any net that goes from short to extended, there is a tenuous moment when your partner yells, “Net!” You pull it out and go to extend it, and you fight to push that metal button or buttons in so you can slide the handle out. And then you scramble find the right holes for the net to lock in place.

Sure, the guy who owns the net knows exactly how his works. And yet I’ve found the buttons don’t compress or the holes line-up the same on any two models–especially in that critical moment.

Until now. When you push the contoured “button” on the medium EGO Slider, the shaft slips out from its 29-inch stow length and makes any one of five stops all the way out to 60 inches and there is no guessing if the peg is in the hole. 


I’ve heard the complaint that it’s heavy. I presume that’s a concern regarding netting one’s own fish. My recommendation for guys a whole lot younger than me: get some 20-pound dumbells and work-out.

The EGO Slider is balanced.  It’s available with a Teflon coated mesh that’s easy in the water and on the fish, and I think with a 21-inch diameter ring, you’ll have a tough time missing a fish. But if you want something else, you can get the rubberized mesh or the standard nylon if you choose.

All I can say is, the last thing Gabe said to me on the matter was, “I need to get me one of these.”


6 Responses to “A landing net that deserves a look: EGO S2”

by Guy Williams

Best net I’ve owned!! Thanks for the recommendation awhile back, George!!

by Charley Almassey

Decent fish! White Magnum Fluke I presume? What Lake?

Net’s cool too.

by George Kramer

Charley, that fish came out of Gabe’s home water, Lake Sutherland near Ramona in San Diego County. Sorry to disappoint–not a Magnum. 😉

by Charley Almassey

Thanks and call me when your coming up next and I take you for a fun ride on the Delta!

by George Kramer

In the end, the product didn’t hold up as expected. Good idea, however.