UPDATED (3-28) With the San Jacinto River still flowing at near 100 cfs, the DFG added another small deposit of largemouth bass into the expanding Lake Elsinore. Although an official lake elevation is likely forthcoming on Monday, checking “marks” around the lake, it seems the peak will likely top 1249 feet. It’s official: 1249.13.

On the fishery side, where any news is good news, biologist Ben Ewing reported, “The Department planted 21 [largemouth bass] into Elsinore this morning (March 24) with an average weight of .41 pounds each.”

Although a small helping, it’s hoped they can eventually enter the spawning pool of black bass. In answer to the question, why the lake is not receiving fish from a formerly used source–Lake Matthews?–the issue is quagga mussels. They are in Matthews by way of the Colorado River, and the State continues to try and control their spread.


5 Responses to “DFG makes small ‘deposit’ in rising Elsinore”

Just curious, is Lake Matthews open to the public for fishing?

by Guy Williams

More fish are being “put” into Elsi than you think, GK and not from canyon!!

by George Kramer

Darlene, not open. Guy, no comment.

If that place ever got loaded with bass it would be awesome. So many targets too little time……

Maybe in a couple of more years providing we get a stable rainfall during that period to keep the lake level up.