Given we live in an era where Photoshop is part of every flying saucer pilot’s basic training, you can’t believe everything you see, and in the same vein, not everything you read.

So, despite “irrrefutable evidence” to either sustain or repudiate (take your pick) certain claims, I find nothing incites distrust in humankind like the list of the Top 25 largest bass ever caught.

(“Caught,” of course, being the operative word, since it often turns up in conversations regarding lawful methods, witnesses, consistent accounts and validation). Still, the latest list from, is one where you must, at least, admire the size of the fish, even though you may regard the mythology as suspicious.

Time, you see, has a way of either eroding or enforcing the merits of past deeds. You know what I’m talking about. I would like to remember O.J. Simpson as a running back. But fat chance of that.

Or, on the other end of the spectrum, why would someone assail a rowing-and-chucking George Perry’s long-standing world record mark? Is it somehow less authentic because it wasn’t on YouTube? He did all that was in his power to validate the catch–and remember, the “rules” for setting a record as we understand them today, weren’t even in place in 1932.

Rather, I would be more cautious about assigning too much credit to several of those listings as currently recorded–you know, just to be safe. While I am sure many on the list will get the Saint Peter, rock-solid gate pass, I’m also thinking, for a few, that gate’s gonna slam shut.


4 Responses to “Specters, UFO’s inhabit Top 25 Big Bass List”

by Jason Prewitt

Although it might not be authentic, or even accurate, the list is entertaining and fun. As far as legitimacy goes, I have two words for you:



by David Coolidge

Maybe I’m too old but, I’ve never heard of any of the ‘catchers’. It would be more convincing, to me, if someone of note would catch one….for instance ‘Lunker Bill’ Murphy.

by George Kramer

When he was still alive, Murph also had some things to say about certain names on the list. Unfortunately, San Diego’s most iconic bass angler never got that one fish he spent a lifetime trying to catch.

I still throw in my “Bodacious Bass” vhs tape every spring and dream of chillin’ in a boat with Bob Crupi and a bucket of live crawdads….. (yeah, I know, no live ‘dads in Ca. anymore, but a Hudd Craw slathered in Megastrike might be a decent proxy….) that, and wish Mike Long was my neighbor/fishin’ buddy. “prostrates oneself before the masters…”