Maybe you’re not attending the ICAST trade show and maybe you’re not entered in this summer’s U.S. Open, but if you were part of the formative years of organized or competitive bass fishing in the West, you are invited to attend a grand reunion, July 15, not far from Las Vegas.

The occasion is a gathering of “Silver Eagles” at the Railhead Room in Boulder Station Casino and Hotel as “the fishermen who made modern tournament bass fishing in the West a reality gather to share stories, renew friendships and celebrate decades of tradition and competition.”

I’m sure you’re going to ask: What is a Silver Eagle? According to Harvey Naslund, the producer of the event, “A Silver Eagle is anyone who was part of organized bass sports more than 25 years ago, hence the title “Silver Eagle.”

Uniquely, this event is not about organizations or their leaders, but rather a tribute to so many bass fishermen who established the sport in the beginning and who took it from a “hobby” to a way of life. As Naslund put it, “We want to say thank you to every single guy or gal who plunked down a hard-earned dollar to fish a bass tournament in the West.”

There will be activities (and lots of prizes), a massive printed program, tons of nostalgic images on the pages as well as the big screen, and lots of stories to share. Plus Naslund promises, “Some of the biggest names in the industry have already told me they will attend and it looks like we could have a surprise or two, but this gathering is all about getting old friends together and giving credit where credit has long been due.”

There will be more to say about the event (for which the response has been far greater than I ever imagined) but I know this much, the cost is $50 a head for the dinner with a choice of entres, souvenir program, casting contest and an evening to cherish.

As for the details, a block of rooms has been reserved at the Boulder Station at a special rate. To make reservations, just call Boulder Station at 1 (800) 678-2846 and mention Silver Eagles Anniversary. For dinner tickets for Silver Eagles and their guests, contact Silver Eagle Productions @ (619) 328 0771 or mail a check to Silver Eagles, 1171 Timberpond Dr., El Cajon, Ca 92071.


4 Responses to “If you were there–you should be here…”

George, do you have an update on Harvey’s condition?

by George Kramer

Only that he says this event is his “last hurrah!” so he’s going for it.

I saw Harvey at the FHS. So he is up and about.

That’s good to hear. Thanks, Robert