UPDATED–Just match the lakes and spots. While looking for a new game I thought a contest that provided the GPS coordinates for the 10 best spots of Kyle Grover, Mike Folkestad and Skeet Reese might be a hot item. But I couldn’t pull it off.

Instead, with the help of pro-staffer Brian Day, I’ve got something almost as good: free codes to access Navionics’ “Freshest Data.”

Haven’t heard of this? Well, unlike old days where you had to send in your sonar’s data chip to get it updated at a rebated price (a service no longer available) now as new information becomes available, it can be downloaded on your home computer or used to write on your existing Gold or Platinum maps. 

And even if you haven’t purchased the newest Navionics maps (where Freshest Data is now part of the purchase price), you still can store a year’s updates data on your computer for future use. And if you win this contest, you’ll have this access for the balance of 2011 by way of a “secret code,” which I will send to the winners. Of course, if you want more information, click on the Navionics site for details, or watch this video.  

Now for the contest. What I am asking is for you to name the lake or waterway where you can find the following spots. (And yes, it’s possible, a spot with the same name could exist on more than one waterway as in “Red Clay Cliffs” on Irvine or Castaic lakes. The more you know, the better.)

Here are the spots; match the lakes:

1. The Hawg Pens

2. Bomber Ledge

3. Rawson Canyon

4. Brown Creek

5. The Courthouse area

Lakes: A. Lake Sutherland, B. Lake Millerton, C. Lake Mohave, D. Diamond Valley Lake, E. Lake Henshaw

Let’s try it again.


3 Responses to “EZ Navionics contest: Match the lakes & spots”

by Guy Williams

So far it looks to be a tie, George!! 🙂

by George Kramer

I hope not. These were the nice easy ones… 🙁 Okay, some clues. One in Mojave County, two in San Diego County, one in Fresno County and the other–Riverside, of course. 🙂

1 mohave
2 Henshaw
4 millerton
5 sutherland