All I wanted were some utility boxes with a bit more utility–you know, something roughly 9 x 14 inches with the trays running the width, not lengthwise. But since those guys are obviously selling too many sewing kits or hard bait boxes, I’ve about given up.

Instead, I’m going with real utility, real simplicity, and sorry “futility box” makers, I’m going real cheap.

OLD STYLE, deck box

Consider me on the “Staples pro staff,” because for about four bucks I can get nine to 12 rings, that each that will carry all the soft baits I would manage in a utility box that costs me 5 dollars!

HOLDS PLENTY, saves money...

Sure, there are some “nicer” systems that use the same stainless rings and nylon “wraps.”  But who needs the opaque nylon cover plus a zipper? I’m still going to have to open the ring to get into a package of worms. I put a ton of like baits or sizes on a ring in the one larger, plastic storage box, in the boat locker, where I can get at them quick.

Hey, everybody does things their own way. For me, (and I know I’m a toss-it-on-the-deck kind of guy) all I wanted was organization and access. Now I have it.

Plano, Flambeau, whomever? Forget you guys.


5 Responses to “They can’t make the box, so I’ll do it myself”

George, I do something similar only I install two rings at the bottom of a zip lock freezer bag. I use the zip lock freezer bags because the bag material is thicker. Then I insert the package of baits inside the bag, and zip it up. When I want a certain bait I don’t have to unlock the rings to get at my baits. If you only want to use one ring, install the ring at the bottom corner of the zip lock bags or if you don’t want to use zip lock bags, just install the rings in the top corner of your bait packages instead of the middle, then you won’t have to open the ring to get at your bait.

Another advantage of organizing your plastic baits this way is that they will fit in the small little empty pockets inside your tackle locker where a box or binder won’t fit. Space is a premium when you have a smaller boat and too much tackle!

Nice George! I have been doing this exact thing for ten years, it’s sort of like a rolodex for my jig trailers and worms/creatures/senkos. Fishing as a Co-Angler I HAD to maximize my selections, while minimizing my space usage, and still being sure to cover my caboose. I jam about 20 lbs of plastics into a small messenger bag using this “system”. Darlene, the ziplock bag is a good idea, but for me I fear with my “soft touch”, the bag would be blowing around on one end of the boat and the plastics strewn about on the other…

Alex, you don’t put the baits directly in the zip lock bag, you put the “package” of baits in the zip lock bag. You guys like to leave your bait packs on the deck, so it would be better to connect the bait packs using the binder ring on one of the top corners of the packs instead of zip lock bags. For me, I don’t leave my baits on the deck, so I put the packs inside a zip lock bag. I have double protection on my baits because I only pull out one bait, zip the bags close, and put them back into the locker. I don’t leave them out cuz I’m clumsy and might step on them, smashing them into mush!

Ahhhhhh…. je comprende, je comprende.