The Professional Anglers Association (PAA) has continued to appeal to the competitive or otherwise professionally minded bass fishermen, and for a short time, is offering a nice incentive–a drawing for $600 set of Optima Blue Top, Group 27 batteries. During the week of April 19-26, anyone who joins the PAA or renews an existing membership at any level is eligible for the drawing. 

According to PAA, “Not only would you have the chance for the batteries, but the winner also may participate in the OPTIMA True Blue Rewards program by completing eligiblity requirements. Anglers participating in True Blue Rewards can earn cash for winning sanctioned tournaments in numerous events from the professional to regional levels.”

The organization has made a concerted effort to provide value for its member ship. One such is “access to the Affinity Program, with a growing list of more than 50 companies offering members-only discounts on fishing tackle, boating and vehicle accessories, hotel stays and more.”  

Members may also fulfill eligibility requirements to participate in the PAA PayDay Program, which “pays cash bonuses for winning in more than 75 bass organizations including a dozen with co-angler opportunities.”

Check it out here, or call (270) 527-2030.