UPDATED, Saturday p.m.–Delayed by fog, the Mars was scheduled to arrive on Saturday rather than Friday as previously announced. And one source said the big bird was actually flying to Lake Amistad to fight fires in Mexico.

The huge red, fire-fighting seaplane from Canada is again making a stop at Lake Elsinore–this time an overnighter Friday afternoon through Saturday morning–causing temporary closures on portions of the lake.

Due to the devastating wildfires in the Southwest, Hawaii Mars is back briefly, set to arrive around 4 p.m. Friday. The take off and landing area is a corridor running the length of the lake along the west shore (coastal mountain side) while the fully closed (off-limits) area will be near the “pipes” where the big plane resided during the Southern California fire season of 2009.

Special boating regulations are in effect while the Mars is in town. Once the plane arrives, all lake boaters are instructed to go immediately to the no wake zone near any shoreline and stop their vessel. Once the plane has landed and moored, regular boating activity may resume, according to the latest news release from the City of Lake Elsinore.

The plane will leave “in the morning” continuing its flight to Texas.




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