Okay, in the West we have our favorite, regional publications and websites, and maybe we’re even a little spoiled. More often than not, when something cool hits the radar screen it shows up first at Folsom or Havasu or Diamond Valley and it’s old news by the time the national guys pick up on it.

But do you really understand what a marvel this new WesternBass.com Magazine (click here) really is? I’m not saying so for my contribution. I’m barely ahead of the typewriter and Capt. Kirk’s “communicator.” But when you see the features of this new “book” as they called a mag in my day, it’s really like nothing else out there.

I mean the features are strong and the “art” or images as good as you’ll find anywhere in print. But even the ads are cool: video and visual, and those same capabilities will surely be expanded to features and other instructional materials in the future.

Hey, I’ve been called a “twit” before, but for today’s twitter and Facebook crowd, there are means to pull just what you want from the pages of WesternBass.com Magazine, and send them along to a friend. The fact that the new owner, Wayne Wasulko, is on top of this new wave of media, means I can’t even predict what will be possible.

But like so many things, it could be possible that guys who spend $500 for a spinning reel, or even bigger chunks on baitcasting reel and rod combinations that weigh less than a dill pickle, may not be ready for this newest means of communication. For that reason, I hope you take some time to go on WesternBass.com and ply the new tool bar Wayne just installed. It will show you what can be done, and how you can max out the benefits.

But then, Westerners have always been out in front. I can imagine they won’t like what they see–and use it.