PITCHING THE REEDS is still effective...

Following the progression of things at Lake Skinner over the last month or so, it seems the spawning period has just about run its course, based on yesterday’s outing. Most bass nests are empty, with a rare fish either guarding a shell-marked patch of bottom, or lurking near clouds of bass fry.

Instead, the hard bottom areas are now mostly marked with the deep, honeycomb nests of large bluegill. Still, the bass seemed to be present in three types of spots: the reeds, especially those with laydown stalks, the hard bottom reefs in five to 12 feet of water, and a late discovery, the weedy 5-foot flats in North Bay.

MIKE FLOYD was around a different net than the one he starred for San Diego State years ago.

This latest trip was more of a reunion for me. My partner was former collegiate and professional volleyball player Mike Floyd of Laguna Beach, who I actually competed against in Little League in the 1950’s. On this day were just trying to “catch up” and also catch a few bass.

WACKY RIGGED SENKOS still working...

Condition-wise, the water was the clearest I had found in the last month, perhaps 10 feet in spots and water 68 in the morning and 72 in the afternoon. Though it made positioning more difficult, the harder-than-forecast wind, probably worked in our favor. When it was calm, we had to fish deeper or tighter to the cover. In the afternoon, the fish in the exposed, 4- to 6-foot flats bit the Senko pretty good.

We watched others catching too, and those skill guys who put their baits under or through the laydown reeds caught fish pretty much all day. Those we spoke to said four pounds was the ceiling, something Mike and I found as well.

A wacky rigged 5-inch Senko (cinnamon/green laminate or watermelon/green pumpkin laminate) were best for us, but we also caught fish on a Chigger Craw, watermelon Flick-Shake and rattlesnake Original Floating Worm on the wacky head. Best five were probably around 17 pounds and change, but there was steady action.

The weekend should be productive.