Here’s a topic that other KGF readers may have some ideas and opinions to contribute. It’s about specialized tackle, but for a specialized reason. Take a look at this “ask” link and see if you might have more to add to the conversation.

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What started back in 1868 to honor and remember Civil War casualties and later came to include World War I and then all U.S. war dead, is the reason there is a Memorial Day. With changing conventions, not the least of which, Congress’ move to include it among opportunities for a three-day holiday, it appears on the calendar as “the last Saturday in May,” not the original May 30.

Still, there have been plenty of other “wars” in my lifetime– (more…)

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GARY KLEIN at work...

I’m no statistician, but sitting in 61st place in the B.A.S.S. Elite Series with two events to go, Gary Klein has about as much chance of making the 2012 Bassmasters Classic as I do.

He said as much when we chatted a few days ago. The World Championship draws 28 anglers from the Elite ranks, so there is only one way the 29-time Classic qualifier can return to the Big Dance. “I need a win,” he said matter-of-factly.

And it’s not that a first place finish would move him up enough (more…)

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QUAGGA MUSSELS like these from El Capitan Lake are around...

“And if they made a mistake, do you think they’d tell us?” So asked Apollo 13 pilot Jack Swigert (played by Kevin Bacon) in the compelling movie about the U.S. lunar space program.

Fast forward to the biggest problem facing bass fishermen and other recreational boaters: severe constraints in using our boats over the threat of spreading the “invasive” quagga mussel. And yet, I wonder do the water agencies know something they’re not telling? (more…)

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Since I was just talking braid use, let me go one more step in that direction. Braid needs a specialized cutter–and when you’re on the troll motor, it would be nice if it were also handy.

I try a lot of stuff. I spend more for scissors every year than my wife. I try and take care of them, but I lose stuff when I’m fishing (many witnesses can attest) so I end up just grabbing what I can reach. It might be a nail clipper or a (more…)

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THIS ONE ate the Bronze-eye

There are two things that particularly hamper the expansion of tools and methods to our arsenals. One is the prospect of adding new (and perhaps expensive) gear to our collection, and the other is trying to figure out if we’ll actually use the stuff the method requires.

We certainly saw this with swimbaits–especially the mega versions. Many of us looked at what rods we had that could handle those chunks and we sort of mentally excused ourselves. Specialty gear came on the scene, of course, but perhaps the best thing the lure makers did was produce more smaller baits–then we had no excuses. (more…)

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ABT BANSHEE, what I'm talkin' about...

The nature of the lure business is such that we sometimes get caught up in “Who’s first?” rather than “What’s best?” The fact of the matter is, with baits that swim, dive or sink, just because some look alike, doesn’t mean they all perform the same.

And when something “works,”  it should come as no surprise that it might have several “versions.” Think about it.  Tournament fishermen often find themselves (more…)

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We’ve had our share of problems with “tournament cheating” and other misrepresentation of catches here in the West. The Mike Hart/U.S. Open tale was big news for a time, but in the end, the consequences have been minor and now the issue is all but forgotten–keeping the door open for other perpetrators.

Yet, when you read the story and follow the links on Gawker you kind of understand why. (more…)

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Since we’ve just come off a couple of months of wacky fishing opportunities (and there may be lots more up North) the suddenly, sunny skies have excelerated the grass/moss growth in the waters I’m fishing. What mattered much earlier in the year (a weedguard on a Senko hook) to deflect off wood or rock, is not working as well now.

The reason: those wire or nylon strands, or even a long tag on your knot, (more…)

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MIKE O'SHEA on the Delta...

As one would expect, a massive tide and current driven water system such as the California Delta, has it’s share of veteran guides with well-earned reputations. But for those who might be heading that way from the lower half of the Golden State, stepping in the boat with a man who is familiar with the Southern California bass perspective might be a more comfortable experience.

Mike O’Shea was 45 years a “SoCal” while also testing the waters across the country as a pretty successful touring pro. However, with so many places he could have chosen, Mike settled near the great Delta gold mine where he offers both half- and full-day trips. (more…)

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